36 sleeps to go

After 7 years it’s hard to believe that it’s now only a matter of weeks before I head off. For so long Everest has been this “thing” in the future, somehow not quite real and now it’s here. The gear laid out on my loungeroom floor and the ever increasing “To do List” are very real!

The decision to offer my climb to Plan was bigger than I ever imagined. I now have this website. Thank you Frans for all of your hours and patience.
I’ve been to Melbourne for my Child protection briefing and had my police check (little hint for the “TBA” on my itinerary!).

I’ve had my first public speaking engagement. I was absolutely chuffed, to say the least, to be invited to be a part of Westminster School’s Senior School Induction ceremony. I presented, what I think is an amazing group of seniors with their ties. I want to thank the students, teachers and parents for making me feel so welcome. It was a wonderful experience. If all my engagements are that enjoyable and the audience that enthusiastic I’ll consider myself very lucky indeed.

Another first, my first media “coverage”. The Bald Brothers on ABC891 announced they will be interviewing me in March! I’m excited. I’ll know the date and time in a week or so.

Training is ramping up. Longer hours hiking and dragging the tyre around the Snake Pit. And my trainer, Dom, has come up with some new methods to torture me during agility training. It’s a whole new level of pain and I’m loving it. It has already paid dividends at yesterday’s “Pit” session. Looking forward to finishing up at work so I can increase the training and the recovery.

But by far THE most exciting development has been the arrival of my…….drum roll please…..Modular Booties!! It will make life quite a bit more comfortable on the Hill particularly if I have to make an unscheduled trip outside the tent. They have an attachment that looks kind of like Humphrey Bear’s feet. It gives you a bit of purchase on the snow so you can avoid slipping off the mountain without having to put your cold big boots on.

Now I need to go prepare for my second speaking engagement on Tuesday Night. It’s a fund raiser for Plan. The Women of Plan Adelaide have invited me to be a guest speaker. It’s all very exciting. (Get the feeling there’s lots of excitement here! Only 36 sleeps to go! What more can I say!)

Oh! One last thing and by no means a small thing. I want to say a huge big thank you for all your kind words of encouragement. I’ve received wonderful support through the website emails and every weekend out at the Snake Pit and on Mt Lofty. That “G’day Trotty” makes that 2nd or 3rd run up the hill or that next lap with my ever faithful tyre all that more bearable!

Until next week



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