Radio 891 Interview


Spoke with Radio Station 891 today.
The Bald Brothers will be interviewing me at 6.20am tomorrow morning! Wednesday March 3rd

And then they’ll be following me on my Way to Everest.

4 comments to Radio 891 Interview

  • Roy

    Listened in to your interview with the Bald Brothers. Have a great time on ‘The Hill’. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following your progress.

  • Roy,
    Thank you for your kind wishes they’re much appreciated.
    The “Baldies” were wonderful. They made me feel really comfortable for my first ever radio interview.

  • Claire

    Go girl, I loved hearing some of your story Lynette on the Baldies interview.
    Stories like yours are inspirational. I always say “you only have one life and it is not a dress rehersal” So take every opportunity that comes your way, or make your own which you have done. I think all the 891 listeners will be following your climb when you get up that mountain. I related to what you said about the feeling you get once you are above the tree line!

  • S.R.N.H

    Thank you Bald brothers for a most inspiring interview with the Adelaide lady, Lynette, this morning.

    As you follow Lynette’s climb of Mt Everest, we will listen with great interest.

    Good luck Lynette.

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