What a day!

Yesterday was huge!

I’ve always kept my climbing private. If anyone asks I talk to them about the climb and lets face it you can’t carry a 30kg backpack and drag a tyre around without attracting the odd question or two! But I’ve never sort publicity for my climbing. That all changed on that fateful Saturday when I was kept waiting and read that magazine article on Plan International Australia’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign.

As I’ve mentioned before I was so moved, that first thing Monday, I phoned Plan and offered my climb.
What I haven’t told you is, when I got off the phone I went “Oh my God! What have I done!”

Now I know!
It’s been a series of firsts and putting myself out of my comfort zone since then.
Setting up a website
Public speaking
Photo shoot

Well that all happened relatively slowly since October.
Yesterday it went crazy.

It started as you know with the Bald Brothers’ interview  which we’ve had planned for a few weeks. I felt really comfortable talking with John and Tony and it was wonderful to have your blog/email responses to it.

But you weren’t the only ones listening.
The media were also listening.
So on the way to the photo shoot with Mr Fruchoc (Oh, by the way he’s not edible!) the phone started ringing and I had to be up at Mt Lofty by 12.30 for another interview and photo shoot.

And there was more media interest through out the day.

So what’s my point? I guess to say that I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help raise people’s awareness of the “Because I am a Girl” campaign and the wonderful work that Plan is doing.
And I am very grateful that the likes of John & Tony, Peter and Sarah & Callie are making, what for me is a very foreign experience, so enjoyable. Particularly as my main priority right now is to stay focused on the goal, use my remaining 4 weeks to be mentally calm and strong and train hard to give myself the best chance to be successful and safe on the hill.

That said once I get the sat phone, laptop and the whole communication thing from Everest sorted out I’ll be a much happier camper!!

Next Blog I’ll finally be able to announce the TBA on my itineray on the map page!

Until then



PS There were some very confused and then rather amused visitors from Melbourne and Mt Isa at Mt Lofty yesterday.
This crazy women in 30 degree heat running around in a bright yellow suit with a just as crazy photographer lying in the dirt getting her to run up the hill waving an ice axe…. and one more time!

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