Plan Visit with a Milo in2cricket Bag!!

Ok, now is the time to announce the TBA on the itinerary (on the map page).

Drum roll please…….

If you hadn’t already guessed!…. Plan Internationl Australia has asked me to visit one of their projects in the Makwanpur region of Nepal.

Makwanpur is in the hills south of Kathmandu. Population 447,000. It is famous for its orchids (more than 62 varieties). Plan began working in the region in 1995 with the Tamang population, the indigenous people of the area.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Cricket Australia has donated a bag of Milo in2cricket equipment for the school I’ll be visiting. For those of you that are missing the significance of this, let me explain.
On previous visits to Nepal I worked out pretty quickly that the kids (girls and boys) LOVE to talk cricket. Ask them how many runs and wickets they got on the weekend and you’ve entered an intense conversation filled with avid descriptions of their sweep shots, cover drives, leg breaks and Ricky Ponting! They adore Ricky.

I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when they open that bag of equipment and then play their first “Test” match in the school yard.

How precious will that be?

So thank you Plan International Australia and Nepal for inviting me and organising the not so easy logisitcs of such a visit.
And to Cricket Australia for making a group of kids very happy and who knows we may have inspired a future Nepali Test cricketer. Their age teams are already doing so well on the world stage or so I am told by the very cricket proud locals I have met.



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