15 sleeps to go: 10 News & Westminster

It’s been a week of ”To Do” list tasks.

  • Final visit to the Travel Doctor – Tick
  • Pick-up Passport and Visa – Tick
  • Have pillow case made – Tick
  • Find lost car key (not mine) on Mt Lofty – Tick (not actually on the list)
  • Make calls re Laptop and Sat phone – Tick
  • Television interview – Tick
  • Stock medical kit – Tick

Whoa, back up, what was that?
Yes, my first TV interview!! My old school, Westminster, invited me  back to speak to their seniors and Channel 10 news recorded the occasion.

I had an absolute ball!
You all know how wonderful I thought the seniors were when I met them on the 1st Feb at their induction. Little did I know that I would be back so soon and have the opportunity to spend more time with them and find out just how amazing they really are! And how funny they can be! Laugh? As I said we had a ball!
They asked really insightful questions though I’m not sure anything short of an encyclopaedia could satisfy Seb’s curiosity re: acclimatisation! And Mel’s passion for the Because I Am A Girl campaign was apparent. She was such a good sport being “volunteered” (she was the only 5′2″ student) to don the down suit and other accessories.

I must apologise profusely to the teachers for making their students “truant” from their post lunch classes. “3 more questions!” I’m sure turned into another hour!

I also had the opportunity to catch up with the teacher that set me on my way to Everest, my sports mistress and now Director of Activities, Sally Attrill. Little did she know what she’d set in motion when she strongly urged me to apply as a volunteer usherette for the SA Tennis Associations-Major Events.

So kids listen to your teachers. You never know where it may lead!

I had a lovely afternoon, exhausting (No..wait… that could have been the 5hr hike in the morning!) but lovely. The 10 crew made me feel comfortable though maybe I should reserve final judgement until we see the finished product tomorrow (15th) or Tuesday (16th) night. Sarah (reporter) will let me know on the day.

The rest of the week has been spent getting kilometres under my hiking boots and I snuck in a Snake Pit session today and managed to get back in time to sneak up to Windy Point to watch the F1-11 do it’s fly past with a fuel dump and burn. Spectacular! Radio 891 interviewed one of the airmen and suggested it may be the last time we see these old ladies (they’re the same age as me 1968) before they’re retired. The Roulettes were doing their “warm up” over the snake pit this morning! How lucky was I?

Oh nearly forgot…How could I forget, I’m sure the kids won’t.  This crazy lady took over their Yr 8 Geography class!! Poor Mr Ferris. The kids (and I) now know the “Site and Situation” of Mt Everest.

On that note I’m off to dream of Everest



3 comments to 15 sleeps to go: 10 NEWS & Westminster

  • Kathy Hartmann

    Dear Lynette, I’m one of the 3 female cyclists you talked to a couple of weeks ago (at Waterfall Gully), and I’m following with great interest as you anticipate setting off for your Everest adventure. So happy to see you’re enjoying the journey so much. Best Wishes!

  • Thanks Kathy, It was a pleasure meeting the three of you. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat. Happy riding. Lynette

  • Peter Rohde

    I just wanted to write to wish you lots of strength, determination and best of health for this incredible undertaking. Completely inspiring…
    Look after yourself.

    with respect and best wishes,
    Peter Rohde

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