6 sleeps to go: Visits, cards & emails

The last couple of weeks have been filled with well wishes and well wishers.

I have had some lovely visits from old friends who have come from interstate to give me a hug. Pete takes the cake flying in from Perth for a 24 hour stay!

I had a wonderful visit with even more hugs from a group of ladies that this climb has brought me in contact with. They are a mad bunch who are hiking to Base Camp in October this year. I couldn’t convince them to move it up a few months to say….April?

My piano is lined with the cards I have received.
Thank you to the guys at work, Aunty Annette, Fred and Pauline and Chris (her’s came with a visit from Queensland and a hug!).

Then there’s the emails from all of you. I want to say a big heartfelt thank you to you all. Your words of support and encouragement mean so much and knowing that you’ll be there with me on my climb…well…that’s priceless.

Enough sentimentality!!
What’s been happening?
Qantas rang today advising me they would be waiving the Excess Baggage Fee on my Qantas flight to Melbourne on Monday evening! How good is that?
Here’s hoping my international carrier is able to be as generous and feel as moved by the kid’s in Nepal as Qantas was.

Sat phone: Now sorted. Pick it up Friday.
Lap top: Sorted. Not without some major drama though. Computers are easy..Right?… Wrong. By Monday morning I had got myself in such a state. Climbing mountains is less stressful!! So after many phone calls and no help forthcoming, salvation arrived in the form of Anthony at David Jones of all places!! I took my laptop in today and he got it all working for me! Thankyou Anthony.

My latest gadget arrived. A really cool solar charger that attaches to my backpack during the day and charges my ipod and camera overnight.

And my gear arrived from Melbourne. The backpack was having some adjustments made to it and my BC sleeping bag and down jacket now smell a lot sweeter!

Tomorrow ABC News are coming hiking with me. Well the first little stretch anyway. They will then meet me at the summit of Mt Lofty. I hike up, they drive up!! Hmmm!!
I do get revenge though, the poor reporter and camera man have to be up before the crack of dawn to catch me as I set out. Should be a lot of fun. I think it will go to air in Adelaide on the weekend as a lead up to my departure on Monday.

And tomorrow I start packing! WhooHoo! It’s close now.

Until next time



2 comments to 6 sleeps to go: Visits, cards & emails

  • Paul Barnard (Barney)

    Hi Trottski.

    You never fail to amaze me. Good luck with the climb and have a great time doing it. I know you will be focused on sfety but still look out for the yeti he/she may take you home and we will never see or hear rom you again. Seriously I am proud of you because you get something in your mind then you make it happen. I will be looking on your web page to get updates as you progress.


  • Hi Lynette, how exciting that you are nearly off! Best of luck, we’ll be thinking of you and your wonderful awareness raising adventure

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