0 Sleeps to go!

After 7 years it’s now only hours away.

This past week has been an absolute blur. Not quite according to plan but we all know how plans go! A nice quiet week with a haircut and an interview being the highlights? No!

There was a slight hiccup.

Wednesday literally one minute after finishing filming with the ABC News team, I took a tumble and sprained my left ankle. X-rays and scans showed no breaks or tears. Wheh! Just a few ligament strains and a lovely dose of gravel rash.
Mum moved in to allow me to keep the foot off the ground until Friday, helping with the 2 hourly day time icing and 3 hourly during the night. Joyous! I can tell you sticking your foot in a bucket of ice during the day is one thing but at 2am!! Just focus on Everest and suck it up!
Dad’s been chauffer extraordinaire and I’ve kept him busy with my Physio, Lisa treating me everyday and it’s all been worth it. Today’s scans for the cortisone injection showed no inflammation, so no jab! Well done Team Trotty!

Sitting on that track in Cleland I honestly thought I’d “lost” Everest. To be sitting here today with an achilles that’s even better than it was a week ago, I’m extremely fortunate. It’s been a team effort. I’m still limping slightly but with a week to go before I start hiking it will all be good!

Now I just need to finish packing and get to the airport


So next time I speak to you I’ll be in Nepal



PS Adelaide folks listen out for ABC891 news tomorrow morning!
PPS Loved talking to the Baldies again this morning

2 comments to 0 Sleeps to go!

  • Hi Lynette,
    Great news about the scan being all clear, and no jab needed! Wishing you all the best.
    Thinking of you on your climb
    Leisa (Physio)
    Wakefield Sports Clinic

  • Hi Leisa,
    Everyone this is the lady that gave me intensive treatment everyday including her weekend! before I left to get me here.The boot’s working well, the “caliper” gel thingy didn’t like the altitude and blew up like a balloon!!
    Thanks Leisa

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