Day 1 to 3 Lukkla to Namche Bazaar 3,440m

3 days closer to the summit of Everest! Great Mother Goddess willing.

I’ve just had apple strudel, a chicken burger and a chocolate croissant (yes in that order!) in a wonderful bakery here in Namche Bazaar. I’ve led you all to believe how tough we do it on this mountain climbing caper. Hot shower yesterday. The boys were out washing their smalls in a bowl of hot water this morning when I informed them my clothes were in the washing machine inside next to the computer!!

Ahh, I don’t remember it being this wonderful in 2004. The best thing? No need for the tarp yet to keep the bed bugs at bay. Yeah!!

The last few days in Kathmandu were hectic as usual. Meeting the team (love the team by the way), last minute shopping, last minute interviews and meetings with Plan. Their flag didn’t quite go according to plan so they’re sending another one direct to BC. Last minute addition to the med kit and VERY last minute repacking.

Amongst all this bedlam I took a few minutes to just stand and watch the donkey and the crow. The donkey stood stock still with the most grateful look on it’s face. The crow stood next to his hind leg and would JUMP up and grab a flea from the donkey’s leg and them JUMP again and again. I stood transfixed with the biggest grin on my face. Then Crow jumped on Donkey’s back and continued his debugging service. Back down on the ground underneath Donkey cleaning his tummy with extra big jumps.

4.30 am Tuesday: shower by candle and torch light. Another power failure. Packing final items in the dark. Glad the “bell boy” did a sweep by torch. I’d missed 2 things in the dark. Quick cold brekkie and off to the airport for a really smooth ride to Lukkla. Second breakfast and then we’re off through the arch taking our first steps on our “Way to Everest”.

That first day I have to admit I didn’t enjoy. There were several times that I thought there was nothing for it but to turn around and fly back to Kathmandu. The pain from the ankle was shall I just say rather trying. What I haven’t told you is that to get around my Plan Nepal visit I had to stap my ankle. Now I’m well aware I’m allergic to strapping tape so I covered my foot in another bandage first. Didn’t work. My foot is now a mass of very itchy blisters! Hmm not the dream start I’d imagined. Never fear the cortisone cream is doing its thing slowly. So there I was Tuesday, hoping to enjoy every minute of the walk in. It was miserable. Every time I wanted to give in I decided to just walk 100 more steps. Anyone can walk 100 steps right? Right! Put enough of them together and you’re at lunch in Phakding 4 hours later and a few more and you’re 3 hours later arriving at Monjo in a really lovely teahouse with a real flushing toilet! 1 day closer to Everest.

Day 2 Was a completely different day. The ankle was stronger and even less itchy. 3 hours and even some stops to enjoy the view and I was in Namche Bazaar. Another day closer to Everest.

The cutest thing on the hike:
Fluffy white bundle of fluff sitting on it’s doorstep dressed in a doggie jacket!

Greatest moment:
Overtaking a porter. Well ok she was 60+ and carrying a huge load but I think it still counts! Bung ankle and all.

Today is a rest day and the ankle, if not the waist line, is enjoying it. The ankle will continue to gain strength and the blisters are dissipating so all thought of returning has been banished. I do know there will be more tough days like that ahead but I’m as ready for them as I can be and if I begin thinking it’s all too hard I’ll just take 100 more steps. Anyone can take 100 more steps.

I hope your day is going well and if not, just take 100 more steps whatever those steps may be.



PS I have really great photos of the walk in and the dog and really gross photo of the foot but still having technical difficulties. Hopefully all will be solved when I meet up with the Boys from Malta and Rob their computer guru. I am sure the problem will be between the seat and the keyboard as Jen says!

5 comments to Day 1 to 3 Lukkla to Namche Bazaar 3,440m

  • S.R.N.H

    We love you so much and are so proud of you.
    I cried when I read about all you pain.
    We pray that you will get a lot better and the pain will all go away.
    You are just so brave.
    To the Summit with lots of love xx

  • Leanne Clarkson

    Hey Lyn (Trotty), Wow, I just connected to your blog and website from Plan and want to say Way to Go. When I get a moment I’ll look through the interviews, etc.. Congratulations, incredibly inspiring and I look forward to asking you about the list when you are back for a 40++ that is challenged by not doing some form of activity every day except work. Planning to travel in two years and volunteer/work in a few places. I’m sure the ankle will be A1 and you will achieve what you are aiming to. Look forward to hearing more. Take care, Lea.

  • Mick Campion

    Hi Lyn, good to hear you are on track and positive. Wishing you all the best from you ‘training partner’ Opey, and Mick of course. Looking forward to reading your updates. Cheers. Mick & Opey.

  • Fran

    Hi Trotty,

    Look on the bright side with your ankle – means you are used to adversity before you start. I like the 100 steps motto. We are all thinking of you – quite jealous in fact

    Cheers (and thinking of those few glasses of wine you can have when you have climbed that hill)


  • Hi Mick and a big cuddle to you Opey!!

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