BC to the Khumbu Icefall

Found the ipod! Right where I put it.
And the wet-wipes thawed out.

Oh and by the way Friday 16th we made our first foray into the Khumbu icefall!
Thursday night was a restless night in anticipation. After breakfast we had an inspection of our harnesses and then Hermant (my personal guide) and I headed off into the icefall.

10 minutes traipsing through BC. I had no idea how long it is. Apparently there are 200 climbers and 800 support staff (cooks, climbing Sherpa etc). Then I put my foot on the icefall. We’re actually camped upon the glacier. If you scratch away at the rocks and scree it’s pure ice but to actually put my foot upon the ice-fall felt like the culmination of 7 years.

We hiked half an hour into the icefall before putting on our crampons. The ice formations are stunning, particularly as the day warms up and the icicles begin to drip. The higher we went we began to get views of BC and could fully appreciate the size of it.

We continued up the fall until we reached the first ladder that the Sherpa’s who maintain the route had installed. Backpack off, quick bite to eat and drink and then time to tackle the ladders. It’s all in the technique, lean backwards up the ladder and forward down the ladder, pull up on the ropes either side and place your crampons securely. Oh and concentrate!

Did I mention how hot it was?

Heading back down was a relief until the sun disappeared.

We arrived back at 2pm for a well-earned lunch and nanna nap!
Dinner was a much quieter affair though the pizza was delicious.

Today is a recovery day in preparation for our next foray further up the icefall on Sunday the 18th. Sometime after that we’ll head to camp 1 but it all depends upon the team’s recovery and acclimatisation.

Now I have to continue hydrating and grab a quick shower!



2 comments to BC to the Khumbu Icefall

  • Sharyn Doolan

    Hi Lynette,
    All I can say is WOW – sounds so great !!

    Be safe

  • Chris Heath

    Hi Lynette – It seems you have been to BC (wow) and now onward and upward. The details are great to read and you sound good. What an achievement so far. Thoughts and good vibes with you Nettie. Take care. Love Chris.

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