Anzac Day BC to C1

Tomorrow is Anzac Day and we are heading up into the icefall for what could be our final acclimatisation run. We’ll be leaving at 4.30am and as the sunrises “I will remember them”.

I am in no way trying to draw a comparison with our brave Diggers. I would just like to invite those of you, who like me, cannot attend a dawn service, to join me tomorrow wherever you are to recite those emotive words:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Sunday we head through the icefall once again to C1. I’m hoping to improve upon my time from last week as I become more familiar and comfortable with the Khumbu and I’m definitely hoping for a less windy night but this is Everest!

Monday is a 3-4 hour walk to C2 and rest in the afternoon.
C2 is an outfitted camp ie a mini BC with cooking and mess tents. No having to fetch snow, boil water and heat meals. It will be simple food but I’m not cooking so to quote Marika “I no complain”.

The next 3-4 days will vary depending on the team’s condition. We may tag C3, we may sleep at C3 or just reach the bottom of the Lhotse face and continue to sleep at C2.

When we reach BC again in 5 or 6 days we will be ready for “The Great Mother Goddess” Sargamatha and the weather reports to give us our summit day. If it looks to be late May we might do another run to C2 just to keep our eye in.

If my sinus infection continues to bother me I have the option to drop down the valley to clear it up.

Many teams take this option anyway as a final R&R before the big push.

There are pros and cons for all of our options and as Kenton pointed out he has had clients successfully summit from all the options including only having reached the bottom of the Lhotse face on this run.

So there’s no pressure and cutoffs. It’s just one foot after another.
I’m under no illusion. I don’t believe I’ll “enjoy” any of the next 5 days. I will just keep counting to100 and when I’ve finished go “Look what you did kid!” and hopefully get the odd good photo or 2!!

Now I have to go and pack. The down suit and the ice-axe finally make an appearance on this excursion. We won’t be climbing in the suit but sitting in C2 is pretty miserable and the suit is nice and cosy. The ice-axe will get a workout above C1.



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  • Thanks to the “Bald Brothers”, have read all your magnificent postings to date. When you have time to relax, please tell us what the beauty and grandeur of the view from Mt.Everest says to you about a Creator God behind it all.

  • Shreeram

    Ho Lynette, Good to hear from you at the nearest point of Everest. Wish you all the best and waiting to hear a very good news soon.

    With best

  • Jan Hanger - Victor Harbor

    I heard your mother talking on the ABC this morning and was inspired to hear your story. What a wonderful achievement, your dedication and committment are a lesson to us all. We can achieve anything we want if we set our minds to do it. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. I look forward to seeing you on the summit.

  • Hi There Snake Pit Lady
    We all wanted to send our best wishes, support and admiration to you!!
    You are still our motivation at the snake pit and a few of the members are following your blogs!
    Look forward to seeing you when you get back safe – and perhaps come across to the gym for a talk!
    Take care and we are pushing you up that mountain..
    Level 28…Fiona… and all the Outdoor Elements Members…x

  • Grant Trott

    Big Sis – keep up the good work the family are right behind you. Took Lachlan to the Dawn service again this year

  • With every step you take and every line you write, we sit here all nice and comfortable, but in awe of the fantastic journey that you are on and the fact that you are achieving your goals! You are definately an inspiration Lynette!

    Kind regards and best wishes


  • Sally A

    Hey You!

    I have been thinking of you and that foot for the last few weeks, wondering if it is following the other foot enthusiastically or not- it seems that it is with some enthusiastic encouragement from you!

    So thrilled to read your upbeat reports of the various stages of your adventure, and to be assured of your continued high spirits. we are all buzzing with anticipation here at WS- the students keep asking about you, and wish you well in the final days of your ascent. Cant wait to see the photos and have you back home at cosier temperatures, but I know that you will be savouring every morsel of this experience, trying to cram it into those memory cells for future revisiting.

    All power to you Lynette, our hearts are with you.

    Best wishes,

    Sally A

  • Love to you all
    Aunty Net

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