Window Closed

I’ve just got the weather report and it’s not pretty.
Kenton’s exact word’s “Sorry Trotty it’s over”.

There are 120 people heading up tonight. It was tough going when our team went up with 70 on the Hill. I hope they all remain safe and frostbite free.

There are others on the hill that I believe may be pulled down by their team managers.

The weather is looking awful. Winds and snowstorms. The season has come to an abrupt early close.

Our goal now is to get to Lukkla ahead of the storms, that may strand the 120+ at Lukkla for a few days.

It will take us 3 days to hike down and the second day will be in a snow fall.

When Kenton gave me the news I asked if I could just head back up to C3 for more practice and time on Everest but the forecast says I’d be climbing into 70km+ winds. Not safe nor comfortable. So it’s all over for this season.

Just when the body was feeling good the weather pulls a swifty on me.
That’s the mountains.

I’m disappointed but I’m safe and I’m returning home alive to climb another day.
I look back at what I’ve achieved and I really can’t be that disappointed. The LHOTSE Face!! Camp 3 on Everest, 7,400m when I was as sick as a dog! Not bad.

I can’t wait to see what I can achieve when the Drs back home have worked their magic and I get to climb in a healthy body, assuming I don’t make a habit of throwing myself down crevasses!

Now I’m looking forward literally (no looking back, no regrets) to getting myself to Kathmandu and attending the Plan Nepal book launch for the Because I am a Girl campaign. I’m really excited about it. I’m just sorry I’m not coming back to them as “An Everest Summitter”.

I’ve started packing my gear. Well more like unpacking. I’ve sorted what gear I want to give to my Amazing Sherpa.
I’ve just gone out and done that. They’re amazing. I had this whole range of stuff:
Gaffa tape
Strapping tape (all those rolls I was allergic too!!)
Pack of cards
Glad press seal bags
Laundry detergent
Clothes line and pegs
Tarpauline (yes the one you purchased Dad)

No arguing, they just pointed to who would be the most appropriate recipient. Some with much jesting i.e. the cards (I think we have a card shark in our midst!!)
Toothpaste went to Dorje the biggest lolly eater!
Gloves went to Topchin and Hemant as they were my guides (gloves most valued)
Inners went to Dave the kitchen hand. I think that was a need thing. He also got the detergent, line and pegs as that’s part of his duties.
The gloves might have the “Status” but the tape (gaffa or strapping) was the most popular.

The tarp is going to Bhim’s community where it will be put to good use. Glad you purchased the extra large one Dad. It never got used for it’s intended use. It’s spent the last 40 odd days in my tent entrance. I swear it’s made my tent warmer. I’ll know after my last night here in BC tonight without it!

It was a fun half hour or so as I kept popping out of my tent with my next find!

It’s a little hard to pack completely as much of my gear is still at camp 2. Will wait to hear it’s fate later this ‘avo. I have no doubt that it will eventually make it’s way to me in Kathmandu at some point.

Our camp is a little like an Agatha Christie novel at the moment …..and then there were 4!
But it’s not just people but facilities that are disappearing.

One of those items is the borrowed computer in the comms tent.
There is a very special person that I, Dream Guides and the rest of the team would like to thank.

His name is Anthony. He works at David Jones in the computer dept.
Now he’s not an apple employee, or a manager or anything like that. He is just a bloke that went out of his way to help me.
Without his help you wouldn’t have received many of these blogs and definitely none of these final ones nor Dream Guides and my team mates blogs.

We couldn’t get my computer to talk to the Bgan (that’s the technical thingy that connects us remotely to the internet. Annoying for me but no biggy for the team until our computer failed. That’s when Anthony became our hero and sent numerous emails to get us up and running. It wasn’t that simple at this end but finally with the added threat of the borrowed computer first failing and then “leaving” Kenton with Anthony’s instructions got this one up and running.

So Anthony a Big thank you from all at BC.

Another Helicopter has just landed. All the Sherpa run out with their phones and cameras. Me too. I love how choppers capture everyone’s imagination young and old. That or they just want to film the one that crashes! Henry advises us it’s quite spectacular! But long gone are the days of the Russian Helicopters. These guys can land at C2 now. Amazing.

I laugh at us with our clunky, cut you off mid sentence, Sat phones. All the Sherpa are running around with their local Namaste mobile phones taking photos and phoning their wives. I’m feeling technically quite inferior.

Tomorrow morning Bhim will cook our last meal and we’ll head down the Valley.
That reminds me, I’ve promised to help Kenton pack the food barrels so I’ll bid you a final Namaste from BC and talk to you next from thicker air.



21 comments to Window Closed

  • Jeff Russell

    Well done, Trotty. What an amazing experience and positive outlook…you’re an inspiration! See ya soon, Jeff

  • neil

    Ifeel sad at the news the weather has stopped you from realizing you dream (this time )
    but I’m confident that you will do it when the time is right in the future.Does this mean
    I’ll have to catch up with you and simo at the snakepit in the near future.
    It has only been mother nature that has been able to stop you BUGGER!
    Have a safe trip home to Adeaide and hopefully I will see you safe and well soon.

    Regards Neil of North Haven

  • Namaste Lynette,

    What an incredible journey!!! Hard to imagine the conditions that you have endured, but am so thankful to see you safely begin your journey back home.

    I would like to to tell you that I have recently sponsored a girl in Haiti through “Because I’m a Girl” PLAN in Canada and am awaiting communications, photos etc. Your journey was the inspiration for this decision as well as my work for the “Hope for Haiti” CD with proceeds to the Red Cross.

    I will be presenting my first $1,000 check to the Red Cross this coming Saturday, May 29th at my store The Coach House Gift Shoppe, Caledonia, ON Canada.

    The HEALING song is now starting to get air play here in Canada and I hope to have it playing for you in Australia some day soon…

    “Strength come from within…”

    I look forward to continuing our communications and hope our paths cross one day soon…


    Nancy Fuller
    Executive Producer
    Cell 905-516-3713

  • Meg

    Dear Lynette,

    I am sorry to hear about the closing of the window to your climb. I think you are so brave and I have the utmost respect for you. Good luck with your climb down. I look forward to hearing about your vist to a Plan supported community in Nepal.

    Kind regards,

  • Mani Grace

    Hi Trotty

    Sorry to hear it’s over…. this time round. Everyone here at the Plan office in Melbourne is sending their support and well wishes. We all think you are amazing and what you have achieved is phenomenal!! Have a great time at the Because I am a Girl book launch in Kathmandu. We are looking forward to seeing you when you get home!

    Best wishes


  • Sorry you didn’t get to the top, thanks for the cudos.

  • Lynette

    To achieve what you have achieved is amazing! We are all so proud of you and your determination. You are definately a role model to many.

    We’re also somewhat relieved that you are returning home, safe and sound. But there is always “tomorrow” and I am sure you will conquer that mountain yet :)

    Congratulations on your achievements!

    Kind regards and best wishes


  • David Little

    Hi Lyn

    This is David from Andrew Southcott’s office. Disappointing to hear the weather won in the end but what an experience for you. I hope you put the Aussi flag to good use!

    Congratulations on a great “Beacause I’m a Girl” demonstration.



  • David H

    You have done fantastic things Lynette. Brilliant. You will ace the hill next time. Enjoy the rest of your trip


  • Peter Trenorden

    Hi Trotty,

    Have been reading your amazing blogs. What a champ! The mountain will still be there another day if you choose to undertake the climb again. We’ll be toasting you on Friday night at the Westminster Class of 1985 Reunion! If you see this comment and are near a phone on Friday night (7 to 10 pm SA time)let me know your best contact number!

    See you back in Adelaide!


  • Jeff, Thank you
    I hope it helped you survive Harry just a little bit.
    Right now I’m savouring having had my first shower and putting my poor little pulverised feet up!
    They don’t want to walk again for days. I keep telling them they’re frost bite free, so stop complaining!

    See you really soon

    Hugs to everyone (I’ll be collecting on them!!!)


  • And I thought I was done with the Pit!!
    Simo and I will be back!!!

    See you soon


  • Nancy,
    Thank you so much
    You are an inspiration to others.

    I listened while on the mountain. You may want to check out the CD on line.
    Or you may be moved to sponsor like Nancy did.

    Those of you in Caledonia ON Canada,
    I think the Coach House Gift Shoppe could be the place to be on Saturday!


  • Anthony, You earned it!!

  • It was blessed in the pujar and flew over BC the whole time.
    thanks David



  • And I was singing “Summer Holiday” all the way up the Hill, I don’t understand what went wrong!!

  • I’ll phone in. Can’t miss the best party in town! 25 years in the making.
    Email my Adam account and we’ll Tee it up. Otherwise I have Brett’s number with me.


  • Liz,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    The main disappointment I feel is for Plan. The media love a winner and it would have been far more beneficial for them had I summitted.
    But it wasn’t to be this year.
    Hopefully we can still achieve wonderful things for Plan and Because I am a girl.



  • Sharyn Doolan

    Sorry that the window closed for you – but better safe than sorry. I just remember you loading up that backpack and stomping up and down BHP stairs all those years ago. :) You’ve done an amazing job just getting there in the first place, far more than I could ever think of doing. You’ll get another shot at it I am sure.

  • Thanks Sharyn
    7 years ago. Wow.
    I remember that very first session. 4 floors- Rest. 4 floors- gasping for air.
    From that to within 2 days of the summit.

    Next time!


  • Peter (Funk)

    Hi Lynette,
    Sorry to hear you didn’t make it to the tip,
    glad you’re safe though and have a safe trip home.

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