Nepali Test Match and Coming Home

We played with the fire of Clive Lloyd’s WIndies.
Ricky, there were some crack fielders and a ripper young lady that laid willow on leather, well plastic on plastic, time and time again, until finally, a classic catch brought about her demise. She’s no Sachin more a Gilly.

The look on their faces when the equipment came out. I divvied it up but once the last piece was handed out they were off. No need to tell them what to do, the wicket was paced out, the first bowler warmed up and it was on.
Woe betide the batsmen if she or he wasn’t watching. Rather than tippy go. It was tippy bowl. 6 balls, 6 bowlers lined up ready to go. If you didn’t run, the next ball was on it’s way!!

There was even a dog.
Backyard Rule: Hit the dog and you’re out!! He’s an old dog, long past fielding duties.

Felt sorry for the young lady watching from the sidelines with her bandaged ankle raised in the air. That was me in March.

The school is in a beautiful agricultural region 30km east of Kathmandu. Lots of fruit trees, potato & corn growing together and rice fields. The children all live in at the school and when I asked “who loves school?”. I received a very loud, 100% positive response.

It was only an hour long visit as we had to return to Kathmandu for a Plan Nepal function.
I’d arranged it so that after this meeting I’d head to the rooftop and phone in to my Westminster Class of ‘85 reunion dinner in Adelaide.

But this is Nepal, instead of being on a rooftop at 4:30 I was stuck in a traffic jam in a narrow road off Durbar Square. Zero reception.
Out the vehicle, running through traffic (admittedly stationary) to Durbar Square.
Nooooo! Woeful reception.

Well at least I got to be a small part of the night.
And I believe a very accurate, non-embellished story was told of me being ingloriously hauled over a pole on Westventure…Thank you Brett!!

After some last minute aid to the Nepali economy I’m packed and now actually typing this from the Kathmandu airport.

62 days away from my own bed.
1 night on a plane and tomorrow afternoon I’ll be home!!!

Thank you everyone for joining me on my Way to Everest.
It’s been an incredible journey made all the richer for your wonderful emails and questions.

Thank you Plan Nepal for your support, I hope our relationship will continue over the coming months and years as I prepare to return to your beautiful country. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for the gorgeous pashmina.



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