Unfinished Business & a Nose Job

Namaste or should that be a big G’day now that I’m home?

It’s been a whirlwind week.
I received a wonderful welcome home at Adelaide Airport.
I actually didn’t expect anybody because the lovely gentleman at Qantas got me on an early flight and an even lovelier pilot got us in 15 minutes early.

Arrived to the JSG’s madly waving, Mum & Dad running through the lounge and a bottle of pickles!

Ahh to be in my own bed again but wait, no rest for the wicked:

Monday morning:
Off to see the Doctor
Immediately in for a CAT scan

ENT (Ear Nose & Throat specialist; the ones that don’t use Dr anymore they’ve reverted back to Mr!!) One look at the scan and he booked an operation for Thursday 10th.

Met with Dom my trainer to discuss the next 9 months

Caught up with my work mates

Snake pit

And in between I’ve been in my garden which is putting on a glorious display of winter flowers for me. The yellows, purples and reds, stunning! No koalas visiting at present but there is one very happy magpie.

I’ve postponed my “10 fingers and toes and a nose” party until next year.
Yes you heard right, next year.
I have unfinished business on the hill and now that we know there was something physically wrong and most importantly it can be fixed, my eye is well and truly back on the goal.

I’m so excited about this operation. The thought of climbing for the first time well, is…. it’s just….oh just bring on 2011. Does this technically mean I’ll have had a nose job? How hollywood!!

So my plans for now:

  • Operation  and 1 week recovery
  • Back to work (contract position for year end)
  • Start training as if 2011
  • Pay off loan
  • Seek sponsor (if no luck 2012 or 2013)
  • Speak about Plan & BIAAG to as many people as possible
    (2 already booked, 2 in the pipeline)
  • Career in Radio; write a book – Oh! No! that’s what everyone’s been telling me I should do! They’re dreamin’
  • Reality: Find full time accounting job that doesn’t mind me disappearing for 3 months!

Hey now wouldn’t it be great if I could find a company that is moved by BIAAG and needs an accountant and would benefit from Everest publicity!! Ok now I’m dreaming!

I’ve also been thinking about what I’d like to do with Plan Nepal on my next trip. I’d love to visit a women’s “pregnancy coloured map” programme and other projects that I didn’t have time to see this year.
Exciting news: Cricket Australia has said they’d be prepared to participate again next trip. I’ll have to work on my flippers.

But by far, my most important job between now and going back to work is adding photos to my old blogs and loading some photos to facebook. I actually didn’t get many photos on the mountain. I don’t feel quite so bad, Kenton took 5 years of climbing Everest before he got a decent portfolio together. Most of the time, particularly in the icefall there was a need for speed and no time to stop for photos only food, water and sunscreen. And there were definitely NO photos when nature called!! 

I’ll let you know how the op goes and updates with my training and any news on Plan functions.

So I guess we’re all now setting out on my Way Back to Everest!

I was so looking forward to eating an ice-cream at the airport and getting a cat and dog but it’s only for 9 months and anybody can do anything for 9 months.


2 comments to Unfinished Business & A Nose Job!

  • SRNH

    A warm welcome home.
    Wow, I would be pleased if I could reach 7,400 m on Everest.
    So glad that your breathing problems will be fixed on Thursday 10 June.
    Keep up the wonderful Blogs.

  • Kathy Pascall

    Glad that you are back home safe & sound Trotty

    Luv Kathy

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