Day 6: Namchee Bazaar

Kathmandu is far behind us.

Friday was quintessential Nepal. Hurry up and wait.
We were up at 4am for the 5am pick up. Arrived at the Airport 6:am
7 ½ hours later our flight left. (That’s longer than the flight to Singapore!)

Half way to Lukkla we’re flying in full cloud. It’s not looking good. We’ve had no breakfast or lunch, it’s turbulent and I’m eying off the sick bag!

I usually love flying but never on an empty stomach.

Just before Lukkla we pop out of the sky, crisis averted.

A quick lunch and we’re on our way to Phakding. It’s now late in the day so we’ve got to high tail it. Arrived 5pm.

The hike to Namchee is the toughest day for the porters. The hill in to Namchee is relentless so I’m not sure I’ve got bragging rights just yet but last year I only passed one porter the whole way and she was a 70yo lady with a huge load. So I’m not sure it actually counted.

This year I overtook them all!! Yeah!

The Hotel in N. is gorgeous (I sound like an episode of Little Britain) but it really is lovely: Ensuite with flushing toilet and hot, HOT shower. Heaven.

I plan on being really decadent and having another one today before lunch. It’s too cold in the morning to be running around with wet hair.

Watched the World Cup Final on TV last night. Yes TV.

Now I’m sitting in the Bakery with Margaret and her cinnamon scroll tapping away on the WI-FI.

It all sounds rather decadent but remember the toilet paper still goes in the bucket!

This is it until Base Camp.

Have a great week everyone



5 comments to Day 6: Namchee Bazaar

  • SRNH

    Talk again when you reach Base Camp.
    Enjoy your hiking and the beautiful scenery.

  • Chris Lawrie

    Hi Lynette, Following your blog with great admiration. Sounds like all is going well. Not long now!!! Keep Happy and Healthy. Good Luck. Regards Chris Lawrie, Novita Childrens Services. ( I spoke with you about a month ago re: guest speaking!!)

  • Sharyn

    Hi Lynette, Pete just let me know you had left again. Good luck and I hope everything goes to plan for you this time – I’m sure it will. :) I’ll keep watching for your updates on the website throughout this journey. Best Wishes, Sharyn xx

  • Don Plant

    Hi Trotty,

    I meant get on the Blogger and send us a blog

    The Don

  • The DON!!
    FInally got my computer working in conjunction with Thuraya!!
    Just posted a blog and will get on the Blogger again at C2
    3 to 1 wasn’t exactly on the list but It’s close enough to win a bet!

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