Namaste from BC

Namaste from Base Camp,

I’m finally up and around and on line.

Picked up a sinus infection on the trek in.  As soon as I arrived in BC I headed to the HRA (Everest ER) and straight on to the antibiotics.

So here I am 8 days and 4 books later, just finished packing for our first foray to C2 and feeling up to a long overdue “chat”.

Base Camp is a whole different beast this year:

So far the weather has been much colder. No running around in T-shirts yet. That said I’m typing this in a T-shirt but inside my sauna of a tent but so much as stick your nose out the door and you’re scrambling for the fleece.

Altitude Junkies’ (Phil Crampton) set up is awesome.

The food is awesome. Greens and lots of them. On the pizza, in the salad, on the sandwiches, with the delicious meat dishes. No two meals the same yet. Fresh baked bread and pies.  Fruit, fruit and more fruit!! Malia, Chaturman, Lal Singh and Jangbu, what a team.

The mess/comms tent is soooo comfy!
A sink with hot water and soap to wash our hands in.

Hot towels before dinner (just like Business class).

Fancy chairs with arms!

Even flowers on the table. Well alright they may be plastic but they are yellow!

We ladies (Margaret and I) have a sit down flushing toilet.

Still use the Pee Tent (or bottle!) for the less bothersome business.

There’s a hot shower but as previously mentioned way to cold to even contemplate such things. Maybe after we come back from C2. We all smell the same so it’s no biggy.

The Birds! Last year there were just what I called the “Garbos”. Crow like birds that came in and cleaned up the crumbs along with a few “Sparrows”.

This year Himalayan pheasants (very auspicious) and the prettiest grey birds about the size of a rosella parrot (a bit finer) with bright red highlights on their head and wings.

The cooks still lay the vegie scraps out on the blue tarp for the Garbos.

The rest of the team has made their first foray into the icefall but I was confined to quarters. They were trying out new equipment boots crampons etc (mine’s all old so no checks required).

Our acclimitisation now begins in earnest. The Plan is:

18th C1

19th C2 (4 nights)

23rd BC

C1 there will be a cooking dome manned with a cook! Pasang Nima

So no sitting miserable in the tent trying to boil water only to have it blow over.

We’ll head to C2 the next day in the morning or afternoon depending on the weather.

C2 is cold (surprise, surprise) so most of our time in spent in our tents, with 3 downsuit clad dashes to the mess tent each day to sample Kami Neru’s delights.

The next Run will be similar with a trip to tag C3 for ½ hour or so. 28th -2nd

Then well be ready for the summit run. Fingers crossed 8th May.  But there’s a lot to happen between then and now. And there’s a Great Mother Goddess who gets a large say!

It’s nearly time for lunch so I’d better upload this



PS Everyone tonight go outside and have a look at the ¾  moon. I’ll step out of the mess tent at 7pm. It will be almost dark here but still light over the tops of the peaks and the moon is hanging over Everest.

I think Phil has posted a photo on the Altitude Junkies website. Magnificent.

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  • Willi Cabot

    Hey Trotty! Gives me goose bumps just reading over your blogs. Can see, hear and smell so much of those sights now! Your word pictures now make more sense than last year. Have been reading my trip diary every morning, as Gill is doing the exact route on the same days. “Good’ Friday will indeed be good for her! Still in awe of what you are attempting – it’s such a super human effort with super human training prior to the first step. You will always be an inspiration to me. Just sorry that we didn’t have the chance to catch up before you departed. Keep thinking of your Mum too. My god – what are you putting her through again?! She must be so proud of all your efforts over the years. BSIBAMABS. Willi x

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