Rotation 1: C2

Namaste from C2
This is a first communicating from C2
The hike through the icefall was awesome
And it was amazing having a mess dome and Dorjee cooking and boiling for us.
C2 is way more comfy than last year.
Enjoying it 2 more nights sleep

Will write more from BC



2 comments to Rotation 1: C2

  • SRNH

    Wow, isn’t technology incredible. It is such a buzz to have a Blog from C2.
    Thank you Dorjee for cooking such wonderful meals for the team.
    Boiling water at C2 must be a feat indeed.
    Take care and enjoy the wonders of Mt Everest.

  • Robyn Kunko

    Hi trotty, I am so impressed. It is so positive. Glad it is so much more “Comfy” thinking of you every day keep it up.

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