Back in BC for Easter

No sign of any eggs yet though!!!

We’re back from C2
It was an amazing trip through the icefall.
I will write more this afternoon and post tomorrow.

For now I just wanted to say we’re back safe Rotation 1 complete.
7 nights in BC to recover and then Back up for Rotation 2.

Oh and as you’ll see on Altitude Junkies web site. Sizzling steak for tea last night. Our reward for our time on the hill.

Hike to Pumori BC tomorrow and then… wait for it…A Shower.
Phil and Margaret had theirs today. It started to snow so tomorrow for me.

Right I’m off to my tent with the laptop to fill in the gaps.



2 comments to Back in BC for Easter

  • SRNH

    Makes one realize how special a shower can be.
    We take the morning shower in Australia for granted.
    Happy Easter and enjoy the chocolate if Easter Bunny
    finds your tents. It was great to see your photo on the
    Altitude Junkies Everest page. Keep on climbing.

  • Kathy Pascall

    Happy Easter to you Trotty. Fingers crosses all keeps going well

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