Happy Easter Everyone

No Easter Eggs here. :-(
No foot prints in the snow either. Complete “White Christmas” here. Maybe that’s what confused the bunny?

Well Rotation 1:
After having a Sinus and chest infection for 2 weeks and confined to quarters. Dorjee (Sirdar) and Ang Gelu (personal climbing Sherpa) and I knew this rotation was going to hurt. There was nothing for it but to just do it.
Last year counting 100 steps, this year it was more like 20 steps.
We agreed get through this rotation then back in BC hike to Pumori BC every 2nd day to get my fitness back up and rotation 2 should be less painful.

Loved the ladders.

C1 as I mentioned was so much more comfortable with dinner being had in the dome. Just the 7 of us; Phil, Margaret, Miloslav, Ang Gelu, Cheddar, Dorjee and myself. Me sitting there quite cosy in my down suit (bright yellow) with matching down booties.

The winds overnight were their usual violent self. I felt like Dorothy.

The hike to C2, though only a few hundred metres gain, is long and tedious. I was eyeing the five ladders over a huge crevasse but Ang Gelu wasn’t having a bar of it. So an extra ½ hr hike around.

We got the chance to chat on the way up. Ang Gelu’s English is excellent.
He has 2 kids 14 & 15 and his own cycling (Tibet to Nepal) business. So adventure cyclists let me know and I’ll put you in contact with him.

It’s funny, Sherpa by nature won’t let you do anything for them but we got chatting. He asked if I was heading to Manaslu in the autumn. “No, I’ve got to go home get a job and pay off my loan.”
“You’re not sponsored? You’re paying for it yourself?”
Well things went from a good relationship to great.

Ang Gelu asked if I could dry out his sleeping bag for him and I could use it as a blanket at C2. (i.e. the Sherpa were all returning to BC)

I was grateful for the extra warmth.
C2 as you can imagine is cold. Dress in full down to go to B,L & D.

In my tent there was foam on the floor. Plus my foam and air mattresses. My down suit laid under my sleeping bag. Then Ang Gelu’s bag over the top of it all.

All the meds, eye drops, wipes etc you don’t want to freeze are tucked into the bottom of your bag.

Karmi would have breakfast ready at 9:00 when things finally warmed up enough to boil with. Lunch at 12:00 and tea at 4:30 and then hot water into your water bottle to heat up your sleeping bag. And drink through out the night.

The winds were intense lifting my tent at times and wiping out the poop tent. Thank goodness for reliable press seal glad bags at 2am!!

Why does Mother Nature have such a perverse sense of humour?

3 night’s at C2 and time to head back to the comforts of BC.
The trip down the icefall was spectacular. The Ice Doctors were repairing a 4 ladder section which required us to wait for quite a while. No looking around as it made you aware of the huge chunks of ice we were standing under.

The route this year is more direct. One section was like a long narrow alley way between 2 huge chunks. Eerie.

Lots of rappelling (arm wrap) and more ladders.

Arriving in BC to a fruit juice and lunch was wonderful. Even better after some wipes, talc and Deo! And then sizzling steak for tea on cast iron plate!
Last night I had my best sleep since arriving in Nepal. My BC air mattress felt like a big soft mattress. I didn’t want to wake up this morning.

The boys never eat their dessert, if it’s tinned fruit. They give it to me and I have it with my muesli for breakfast while they eat my eggs etc! So we’ve got a good thing going, everyone happy.

It’s turned bitterly cold down here at BC. Margaret and Phil managed to get their showers in before the snow started. Wouldn’t want to be at C2 in this. Glad we’re down.

5 more nights in BC and then we head back up for 2nd rotation.
Day1: BC to C2
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Tag C3
Day 4: C2 – BC

Then we’ll be ready for rotation #3 or more appropriately “the summit run”.

So fingers crossed Pumori and a hot shower tomorrow. If more snow, I’ll be the big orange lump in the top tent!!!


PS I’ll be getting the shower but no Pumori the snow’s too slippery
My tent resembles a laundry. Lots of socks and other unmentionables hanging from the clothes line. It’s the perfect day close up the tent and it’s like a sauna
Happy Easter and ANZAC Day tomorrow.

3 comments to Happy Easter Everyone

  • Chris Lawrie

    Hi Lynette, Just read your amazing Easter Blog. I do hope you are at the end of your sinus and chest infection by now. I wish I could send you some of our mild, warm and sunny day here from Adelaide on Anzac Day to warm you through. Bad luck about the Easter Bunny not finding you this year. Just too hard for him I suspect!! All the best for the second rotation. Then the BIG ONE. You are amazing and a great inspiration. Good Luck Keep Happy and Healthy Regards. Chris Lawrie. New Era Aux. Novita Childrens Services.

  • Jan Maguire

    Thinking of you and hope all goes well in the next few days
    xx Jan

  • Tara Perryman

    Hello Trotty
    Hope you are going well. Thinking of you. :)

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