Rotation 2

I’m back on the air! After 3 days of internet silence. Something to do with stolen numbers at Thuraya which wouldn’t allow us to put credit on the sim card?!!!

It’s been snowing constantly until this morning. Snuck in a walk to the end of BC in glorious sunshine before lunch.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) we commence Rotation 2. But…yes there’s always a ‘But’…there’s a storm coming. So it’s a quick run up the hill.
28th BC – C2
29th Tag C3
30th C2 – BC

If the storm looks as though it’s brewing early then the evening of the 29th we may head back down to BC.

If there’s too much snow tonight we may just roll over and go back to sleep and wait until after the storms.

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter and ANZAC day. My ANZAC day was made extra special by a group of Aussie Gentlemen I met on my walk to the bottom of BC. They were from Melbourne (1 ring in from Sydney). After a lovely chat we recited the Ode of Remembrance together. Nice! Thank you Gentlemen.

Miscellaneous News from BC:
I’ve had my first shower. Would you believe it? It actually got too HOT!!

Our sherpa crew on a run to C2 rescued another teams C2 cook, who was suferring HAPE. They carried him down. We were sitting in the dome after lunch thinking our guys were running awfully late. Which makes it more dangerous for them in the icefall. Heat + Snow&Ice = Movement
ie Ice FALL!! Heroes in my book!

Changes this year (apart from a new nose):
Using contact lenses: They’re awesome. More comfortable than at home.
Along with my new glacier glasses (normal and prescription-just in case). (Aquiring them turned into a season of Days of Our Lives!).
So a big thank you to everyone at Adelaide Eye Care. Jo all the agony and stress was absolutely worth it. It’s making a big difference. I can see!!! and less headaches i.e. No squinting.

Sleeping Bag ‘Patch’: I know we ladies with our soft beardless faces!! Last year the velcro on my sleeping bag drove me insane. Once my face became ‘weathered’ everytime I touched the velcro it woke me up. Now sleep’s hard enough to come by without something little like that stealing it from you. Thanks Remote Repairs a simple ingenious solution making a big difference.

My new buff and sun hat (think legionaires): Way better. The new buff doesn’t strangle me and the new hat (the fabric that hangs down) doesn’t fall in my line of vision on the ladders and when rappelling.

So all told, I’m a much happier camper this year and that’s without even mentioning the new team!

It’s now time to go and pack the few additional items I need for this run up the hill. For the Lhotse face (C3 where I got to last year) I require my mitts, helmet and then the little things, meds, socks etc.



PS Mr & Mrs Langford – Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary. All my Love Net. I’ll be thinking of you on the 1st.

PSS I should be back by the 1st but just in case Happy Mothers Day Mum. To the moon Net

3 comments to Rotation 2

  • Don Plant

    Hi Trotty,
    Great to hear from you and all the interesting blogs. It looks like you are living in absolute luxury compared to last year. All the best for the next few weeks and I am looking forward to joining you in a hamburger with egg and onions when you get home.


    The Don

  • SRNH

    Thank you Lynette for the very kind wishes for our special 60th Wedding Anniversary.
    Good luck for your summit.

  • Sounds like things are doing well.
    May the sun warm your face,
    The wind cool your back,
    and the road rise with you.

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