Rotation 2 is complete and we’re now sitting in BC waiting for that all important weather window.

Our Sherpa crew is having a rest day at C2 after carrying to C4 yesterday. Tomorrow they’ll carry the final load and then in the evening head back to BC before the winds pick up on the 7th. They’re very happy with the new improved oxygen masks that we’ll all be using from C3 to the summit and back down to the bottom of the Lhotse Face.

Dorjee, Ang Gelu and I were extremely happy with my improved times on Rotation 2 and for the very first time I went direct from BC to C2!

Due to the weather we didn’t get a rest day at C2. The next day we did an exercise run to the Lhotse face. The conditions didn’t allow for tagging high C3.

Ang Gelu and I decided to err on the side of caution and I just tagged the bottom of the Face. Why? The day before, 6 minutes out of BC, I stepped on a patch of ice and as gracefully as a swan falling in a ditch, hit the ice and rocks, left knee first!!! After a bit of limping and only a tiny bit of cursing, it only gave me pain kicking in uphill……and what do you have to do on the Lhotse Face?……..Yep!

I’ve been checked out, no permanent damage but it is an array of pretty colours!

This morning we checked out our oxygen masks with our goggles and glasses. The clear goggles will stop my contact lenses from freezing on summit day when we set out at 8pm and climb through the night.

I’ve just had my post Rotation 2 shower and I’m sitting here in the heat of the Dome in a T Shirt, drying my hair.

Next task is to adjust the laces on my boots so they’re just right.

After lunch I’ll head to my tent and do my final pack for the summit and then I have 3+ days to just eat, walk, read, listen to music, read emails and stay in excellent head space.

I’ll keep you posted on the weather window. Phil (Altitude Junkies) will post a blog on his website from C2 after our summit. I may make a short post but I will then post more details from BC.

Oh! I gather I remembered Mother’s Day wrong!



2 comments to Waiting

  • mostyn swain

    Grab those showers whilst you can. Were sitting in front of a camp fire in north queensland and its a chilly night. Cant even begin to imagine what your are experiencing. Love the bloggs. All our best wishes to you and you’d team.

  • Don Plant

    Hi Trotty,
    Sitting here in little Old Adelaide with fingers crossed hoping you get to the top of the world.

    Best wishes

    Don Plant

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