Bare Foundations

When stripping a garden bed back to bare earth, it occurred to me that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I stood there thinking “what have I done?”.  I was faced with 18m x 14m of bare earth and fences. 3 sets of neighbours can now see straight through, I’d lost my privacy and felt surprisingly vulnerable. But the new plants are in, the bed has a completely new look and shape to better utilise the available sunshine.

The garden bed wasn’t achieving it’s full potential. The basic structure was wrong and it was simple really, it had to go.

And that’s exactly what’s happened with my training. I’ve been stripped back to bare basics. I’m used to eventually excelling at the goals I set myself and now I’m floundering, the ego as much as the body.  I feel like a baby beginner again. Completely uncoordinated. Now that takes me back!

My brother’s greatest childhood  insult? “Unco”. Clearly the natural athlete has no patience (read “understanding”) with us non gifted individuals!

Achievements are now celebrated in millimetres, points of a percent, grams!

Patience is a virtue that a red head who wants it all yesterday is struggling with, I can tell you.

It’s also a lesson in trust. I catch myself thinking that if I’d just continued the way I was going but worked harder I would have made it eventually. But like that garden bed, no matter how much fertiliser and water I gave it, it was never going to flourish.

I had to make the change.



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