Coward punches aren't the only things drunks are throwing

Picture that cartoon character, fists clenched, steam coming out of it’s ears, bright red blotched cheeks? Got the image? Now put my face on it.

That was me when I saw red in the National Park.

I was just completing my standard short 3 hour, serene, spot the koalas, count the wildflowers in bloom, hike, when I literally tripped over a freshly smashed beer bottle.

Now I’m chastened to admit that for all the years I’ve been hiking in the park, I’ve passed over the glass embedded into the path, dirt covered from years of rain, then baked in by long hot summers, I was annoyed but always in too much of a hurry to give it a second thought. I mean, I was training, what could I be expected to do about it?

But this particular day my blood boiled. IT was the proverbial Straw and this Camel wanted to Spit!  I stormed home and packed a bucket and trowel in the car. Next day I began, what was to become, a 6 month challenge to rid this section of the park of glass. The couple of hundred metres that are littered with brown, green and clear smashed bottles, are along a main road, up from a pub, where there is a rest/viewing car park. Clearly the Ferals have a great time throwing the bottles over the edge into the park with no regard for anyone else.

I can tell you unlike toast, which falls buttered side down, glass falls pointy bit up!

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Pointy side up!

Imagine a hiker, runner or young family out for a stroll. A simple fall would no longer be a graze but a severed tendon! Not to mention a kangaroo bounding along or an echidna with it’s beak snuffling around!

On that first day I picked up 2kg of glass and similar over the next couple of trips. Then it became a personal challenge to seek out more elusive pieces. Eventually I would be finding roughly 100g each trip by spending 20 minutes prior to my training hike with my “digging” stick ferreting along the track. That was until Yesterday….. when I turned up 2.1kg. I don’t think my blood boiled this time, I believe it actually Evaporated! Just ask Dr Pete and Ella who were the first human contact I had after completing my hike. They graciously allowed me to vent, madly waving the bag of glass around!!!

I guess there are 3 things I’d like to see:

  1. 1. You finding your “Blood Boiler” and taking action. No longer “hiking over it” or expecting “the drunks” or someone else to fix the mess.
  2. 2. Drunks: Stop getting drunk, if you want to throw things, join a basketball team or take up discus.
  3. 3. Sell alcohol in non glass containers. I’d prefer to pick up nothing but if I can’t have #2 then I’d rather pick up plastic bottles and get 10 cents for my efforts!!

And the ONE thing I NEVER want to see again: Yep, you guessed it, a broken bottle, not even a shard.

I’ll leave the last word to my, then 8yo, very thoughtful nephew “Aunty Net….. getting drunk is stupid…… waste a training day the next day”

I taught him well!


PS How much glass have I collected to date? Sadly >17kg

Ok budding Sherlock Holmes’ or SES Land Searchers: How many pieces of glass did I find in this small section of track?

How many pieces of glass did I find here?

How many pieces of glass did I find here?

Answer: 18

Answer: 18

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  • AJ

    Trottie, you need to stake out this area at night with some half bricks & throw them back. The bottle throwing will stop pretty quick…. ;-)

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