Sunshine and Summits

423 sleeps to go!

Hold on…Wait a minute…Is this a serious case of Deja vu….or like a PT counting down reps

For those paying close attention we were at this point last year, oh yes, and the year before!

I was trying to stay positive and focused on the goal while around me, financially and physically, Everest was slipping further and further away. The Summit had a serious case of storm clouds, building ever so slowly, obscuring my view, to the point where I was beginning to think my mountain season might be permanently shut down.

I’ve always said “If the dream is big enough, you’ll do what it takes”. All you need to do is fan that spark and you have a raging fire within. But what happens when at every turn you’re being doused with a bucket of water, blanketed by a fire extinguisher or just outright attacked by a Bushfire Strike Team!! ?

Because honestly that’s what it has felt like. Injury after injury, weight going up, fitness going down, job market drying up.
And I found it quite a lonely place to be. I couldn’t admit it to anyone because I knew the minute I did, that would be it… done and dusted…. Over. And seriously how could I complain? During this period Everest, fellow climbers, my beloved Nepal and her inspiring people endured much hardship.

But remember it only takes one spark. The funny thing is, it was actually being out of work, missing a front tooth and newly injured that set in motion the chain of events that fanned that spark, cleared up the clouds, and now the Summit, glistening in full sunshine, is looming larger than ever above me.

In fact it’s scarily close…Did I mention 423 sleeps?

Over the coming weeks I’ll share with you the chain of events, even the tooth, though I can’t guarantee photographic evidence. My darling Mum photo shopped our Christmas 2015 family photos where I forgot and broke out into a big grin!

We’ll look at Plans response to the 2015 Earthquake and their continued efforts as Nepal rebuilds almost one year on.

And I can’t wait to introduce you, one by one, to the new members of Team Trotty. They’re an integral part of my story and I couldn’t do it without them.
We’ve even gone International in the last couple of weeks!!

Watch this space, we’ll shine a Torch on how I train for Optimal Endurance…..ok that was me trying to be cryptic! Spoilers on Facebook.

For now, may I say, I’m really glad that you’re joining me on my Way (Back) to Everest 2017



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