Meet Team Trotty Part I

Part I: Memories of cold fingers TORCHed!

Today I’d like you to meet the newest members of Team Trotty
Drum roll please….
Bringing an International flavour, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Torch’s Anthony DeVito, Luke Cesarz and Shane Eberspacher.

OK, I hear you asking “How on earth did Adelaide and Arizona come to be on the same team for Everest?”.
Quite simple really.
It was cold fingers, low funds and a signature!

Everest 2011 I changed my glove system and putting it politely, it didn’t work. Cold fingers on the Lhotse face didn’t bode well for the summit bid…….which as we know didn’t eventuate that year.

Since then I’ve been experimenting and Googling different sock and glove systems. I’ve also been on the net researching crowd funding when the 2 worlds collided spectacularly. Indiegogo sent me a message of a product requiring crowd funding that I might want to check out “Torch – The World’s First Universal Coat Heater”.

Reading the blurb:
Torch is a battery operated heater specifically designed to fit inside your coat and can easily be moved from one coat to another. Beat the cold in ANY and EVERY coat you own
Set me thinking outside the square: “What if I can keep my core warm with less energy that will allow warmer blood to the fingers and toes?”
For every success story I’ve heard of the commonly used systems, battery powered boot warmers and air activated hand warmers, I’ve heard 5 failures. To me something operating in such confined spaces at that altitude was fraught with difficulty.

This product on the surface seemed more reliable but I had questions. After all it’s my Fingers and Toes on the line!
So off my questions went into Cyber space (Phoenix)
1. How much does it and each spare battery weigh?
2. How is it’s performance impacted at High Altitude?
3. What is involved in changing the battery over i.e. can it be done quickly in gloves without losing too much heat?

EDITORS NOTE: Unbeknown to our technologically challenged, clueless Blogger, Microsoft Office had auto inserted her signature containing web address.

Torch’s Anthony came back with the required information
But again MY Fingers and Toes: Further clarification required!
More back and forth and a final thankyou from me
and then…….
6 mins later…….BAM!
Wow I just checked out your website! When you said high altitude I wasn’t thinking Everest lol. I am so flattered that you would consider taking Torch up there with you. I will definitely be following your blog”

And the next Day:
“You got me really excited last night about Everest, in fact I watched the movie “Everest.”
One of the reasons I am crowdfunding is to raise enough money to further develop Torch. If you would be interested in helping us make it “Everest ready.” You asked all of those questions because they are extremely important. With your input, we could customize Torch to be the best product to help you get you up that mountain.”

Ok, due to time zone differences (and me going off on a 6 hr hike before checking emails!) I actually read these 2 together. So it was a double BAM for me.

And that’s where it began. All because of a computer setting!

Now I’m excited to be able to participate in the design of a product that’s going to help me to the Summit of Everest.

But you know what really impressed me about Anthony, and I wrote this in my first NON question grilling email, was his enthusiasm. It was that, that made me commit to help in any way I can to make this the best product possible or in Anthony’s words “Everest Ready”. So I then wrote
if you believe my contribution could be of assistance. It will come down to a few simple things:” which was followed by a page and a half of dot points!!

Seriously Me! helping engineers, Go figure!! Another completely unexpected turn on this journey to Everest. I tell you what, you never know where chasing a dream will take you!

These guys are awesome, they are so passionate about what they do. Check out their stories on THE TORCH Indiegogo page (2/3 of the way down) and some great photos of them keeping warm. And now we have no excuse to be cold at the Footy ever again!

It’s a long journey on My Way (Back) to Everest and thankfully I’m not doing it alone



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