Final Countdown

The Final Countdown has recommenced.

My finger has been hovering over the abort button for the last few months.

Everything was looking great and then, as happens to the best laid plans, they were torn asunder …..Literally…….After a time trial I took my backpack off and Whammo! Well actually it was far less dramatic than that, more of a “Hmm that’s a little odd…nah I’ll just walk it off”

Later a scan revealed a hole in the Hammy Tendon!  I swear they nearly lost the ultrasound head inside it! Recovery was impeded by the harsh economic reality here in SA forcing me, 25 years later, back to study. Hours of  literally sitting on the injury was not conducive to a speedy recovery!

But I’m surrounded by an awesome Team that have me back on my feet and today I was allowed to put on my hiking boots. No more trail shoes, Yeah, although it was a bit like going from ballet slippers to concrete blocks! The feet will toughen up…again!

It’s one more tick on my way to faster feet for 2017

There’s so much to catch you up on. I may have been sitting on my butt but:

Torch arrived

• Team Trotty now complete

• Launched #8850for850


• For Christmas I finally got my front teeth (actually arrived in time for Halloween…no more 1st prizes for me)

Details to come but for now, I need to find my golf ball and show these feet they did well today….by shoving a golf ball into them…..Hmmm



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