#8850 for 850

As if climbing a mountain wasn’t a big enough challenge. I may have bitten off far more than I can chew this time but I am sure with all of you out there to take a bite with me I know we can do this.

Do what?
8850 for 850 is what!!

Let me explain:

Rubble 300x195 #8850 for 850

Our school collapsed. The earthquake destroyed everything. I want to be an Architect when I grow up so I can build earthquake resistant buildings - Susma

Before my first attempt on Mt Everest, 8850m (hint #1 ;) ), in 2010, I visited the Makwanpur District and saw first-hand the great work Plan is doing there to support the community. Just a few years after my visit, Makwanpur was shaken by the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake, leaving homes and schools destroyed and people displaced.
Living in Bushfire prone regions we are well aware how devastating the loss of a school is to a community. Even in the cities we know the impact of senseless acts of arson during school holidays when they destroy just one classroom. Suryodaya Secondary School, 850 Students (hint #2), in the Makwanpur District was one of 7,000 schools , that’s 35,000 classrooms, that were completely destroyed
Through the efforts of fellow Plan International supporter, Barbara Hickson, $120,000 has already been raised towards the $200,000 required to rebuild Suryodaya. That leaves $80,000 to get 850 children back into a safe school but Fundraising Events cost BIG BIG $$$ to run.

So I’ve got a plan……We stage this event OURSELVES….as a community.

What I’m proposing is WHEREVER you are in the world on Sunday 8th January, I invite you to join me on my training hike.

  • I’ll be on Mt Lofty at 8am but you choose your favourite local peak.
  • After we’ve finished our hikes, we make a donation online
  • Record our metres climbed in the donation message
  • I’ll then add all our Metres and Dollars together and see how many Everests we’ve Climbed and Raised

If we can raise 1 “Everest 8850″ we’ll be helping put 850 kids back in a safe school
If we can raise 10 x “Everests 8850″ we’ve built the school!!!!

So let’s do it! As a community let’s climb 8850 and put 850 back in school!!


  • You can join the Event 8850 for 850 on Facebook and follow the link
    Or go direct to the donation page Plan International Fundraising Page
  • Share the Event 8850 for 850 with all your friends
  • On the day grab all your family and friends, work colleagues or just you and the dog and climb your local hill or just your driveway if that’s your Everest right now!
  • If you can’t join me on the day you can still donate - the kids won’t mind :)
  • The donation page is up and running and I’ll be tracking the progress of our Community Air Flt #8850for850 – destination Lukla Airport 2,784$m. Fasten your seatbelts we’re in for a spectacular flight.

4.Lukla apt 300x169 #8850 for 850

Lukla Airport 2,784$m


Donations are flying in: Community Air Flt #8850for850 has taken off from Kathmandu airport and reached an Altitude of 506$m – That’s Dollar Metres :( not Million dollars!! Below us the farmers are eeking out a living carving crops into the sides of mountains rising up to meet us.Crops carved into mountain #8850 for 850

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  • Mr Darcy & Snowy

    That is a lovely blog Lynette and may you have lots of people donating to help build a safe school for the 850 children.

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