Another lap around the sun

Another lap around the sun complete.

My Birthday week has been like a bag of mixed lollies or Forrest’s box of Chocolates.

I awoke to a lost toenail but that’s a whole other Blog…watch this space, photos included.

The week started on a high with the best news possible. It was D-day. Decision Day on the hamstring.
I felt like I was nervously sitting in the Apollo capsule, atop a Saturn V rocket, awaiting Mission Control to determine my fate:
“Everest 2017 Controllers give me a “Go” - “No Go” for Everest
Physio: Go
Pod: Go
S&C: Go Everest
Enduro: Go
Everest Control we are go for Summit”
We’re cutting it fine but we made it. 12 weeks to go.

My Birthday celebration was unique to say the least. I had Glaucoma Laser Surgery.
As you’ve heard me say before no one climbs a mountain on their own. I have a whole team getting me up that mountain. In his efforts to maintain my vision, climbing a mountain has thrown unusual hurdles at Dr Phipps. The main obstacle is temperature, not so surprising on a mountain but it’s got nothing to do with freezing my eyeballs or anything like that. It’s the eyedrops. I can’t guarantee their integrity i.e. too hot during the day, freezing at night. So Dr Phipps’ solution has been very practical. No drops. But that meant surgery. Allowing for healing time, follow-up and the small obstacle of the 30 day contact lens test I’m doing in January with my optometrist (can’t wear contacts after Laser). So working back from my departure date, guess what day the surgery fell on? Yep the 20th December. I bit my tongue!
In some countries in the world I’d have little vision left by now, so there I am incredibly grateful that I live in Australia and I’m in such cabable hands…..Yeah right! I’m now at home, sitting in the dark, on my own, on my Birthday feeling a little sad, sore and sorry for myself.

I put my glacier glasses on to read a message from a friend “Celebrate your Birthday on another day”.
Why didn’t I think of that? Oh yes that’s why, I was too busy feeling sorry for myself! :)
I thought what better day that the 8th January, the day of the #8850for850.
So I snuck a peek on line and that had my spirits soaring as our $m have soared above $900m.
Now I’m hoping my Birthday Invitation to join me on the 8th will go viral like those teenage parties with hundreds of strangers turning up but instead of Bouncers and Riot Police I’ll just need new batteries in my calculator to add up all of the additional metres climbed!!

Feeling decidedly better, still lying in the dark with my sunnies on, I answered the phone expecting a Happy Birthday wish…….No!
It was Remote Repairs in Melbourne. My Sleeping bag ,which I’d sent to them for a down fill check-up as it had felt a little sparse…..It was DEAD!
After Everest 2011 I had it dry cleaned, as you do, but instead of sending it to them as I usually do I had it done locally. Mistake. Huge Mistake! Unbeknown to me they applied heat to it and destroyed the baffles. My Down sleeping bag is now just a great big down sock. Beyond repair. Sadly at the same time they’d also cleaned my down suit and jacket….I’ll be sending them off for inspection in the new year….Oh dear.
On the bright side I was never a 100% happy with them so now I have an excuse to go shopping and I now have a Gigantic Christmas stocking to hang up!!

Another member of Team Trotty provided an exciting high point in week 52 around the sun: My very first sponsor!
At school, in Health Ed class, we young ladies were taught feminine hygiene. That class stuck with me and thank goodness because as a 13yo I had no idea that 30 years on, my chosen sport would involve Extreme Hygiene or lack thereof, 2 months without a shower!!
The delightful, supportive and inquisitive of all things Everest, Wietske of Supreme Beauty is providing her services , pre Everest, free of charge!
But wait that’s not all. She’s also supporting 8850 for 850 with a massage certificate as a prize.

Plan card1 300x168 Another lap around the sunPlan card 2 300x168 Another lap around the sunWeek 52 ended on a beautiful note with Christmas Cards and words of support from the wonderful staff at Plan International Australia.

Now I need to get to work and put my application in for a spot on an Everest 2017 team.

Here’s to the next lap around the sun. I think I’m in for a memorable ride with a great view :)

Namaste Trotty

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