A word from the coach

The meeting

When I first sat down and met with Lynette (Trotty) the single thing which impressed me most was her passion. The next thing I went searching for was demonstrable evidence that she was genuine about her Everest attempt, I mean really genuine! I didn’t have to search far to find this either.

The next question was training. My skill and knowledge set allows me the understanding of how to get someone fit, really fit. For me this is normally undertaken in the ultra marathon running arena. Fortunately what you need to be able to tackle an ultra is very similar to what you need to tackle a mountain. That was until Lynette threw me the curve ball out of left field! Due to a previous injury she couldn’t run. Luckily there is always more than one way to do things.

The Journey so Far
There was always going to be a lot of walking involved but for Lynette this means serious hours spent walking and carrying a heavy load in her backpack. She is also intimately acquainted with her 45cm step. Spending hours upon hours gaining the vertical altitude, while shifting no further than sea level. Her mental resilience is absolutely insane and this will serve her well high on the mountain.

Up until now we have been working on developing Lynette’s strength and aerobic capacity, especially the strength in her glutes. She has to have the strength and aerobic capacity to walk steadily up a mountain with practically no oxygen. To give you an indication; imagine walking up Mt Lofty breathing through a straw, in sub zero temperatures while carrying 8kg’s.

Where are we headed?
Over the next 12 months we will continue to develop Lynette’s leg strength and aerobic capacity. The endurance fitness that Lynette needs is a long term project and one that she will continually be working towards over the coming 12 months. We will also be ensuring that she is prepared for all the other potential challenges and situations that she will have to face. This means she has early morning walks in store, insert; 2am starts! She will have multiple day simulation training camps to replicate the 3-day slog that it takes to get to the summit. She will tackle thousands of hours walking and countless hill repeats. Once she completes this she will be Everest fit.

The Ultra Coach called Nick
As for me, my background comes from long distance triathlon, specifically Ironman racing. Along with this I have spent many years coaching and have a degree in Human Movement and Education. But as to why I decided to work with Lynette. I come back to the first thing I mentioned, her passion. She had a big dream, an impossible dream but one that she was actively chasing. I just loved that! I couldn’t wait to be a part of helping her improve her training, improve her fitness, pass on as much knowledge as I could so that she can achieve her impossible dream! After all its not every day that an athlete comes to you and asks you to put them on Everest!

Nick Muxlow

The Ultra Journey

Way to Everest - Nicks Ultra journey

What other Coach could I possibly choose? This photo Sealed the Deal

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  • Brett Partington

    Beautifully written blog Nick. I am gonna try and use a straw when I next walk Mt Liofty:-) ( great analogy).

    I loved the last of the blog. Well done

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