The Inside Story: S&C Coach Alex

So about Trotty

When Super Coach Nick first talked to me about strength training for a new client of his, who he was coaching up a mountain, I was not expecting that client to come in the unique form of Trotty.
Expecting a misguided, un-informed, ‘I can do anything’ 6 foot tall male in his mid 20’s, as a response, I questioned Nick a bit about his ‘client’. Something like this followed. “Female, middle aged, has a hamstring issue that is not currently resolved, 4 foot nothing :) and Ohh, is set to climb Everest in 6 months.” Mount Everest!
WHHATTT!!!!… Ok, get her in and let me have a chat with her, I replied.
Short version: Trotty presented as a little (sorry, you are!) power packed, head strong, passionate and determined super woman that has already achieved some amazing feats in her life. She sat there at my desk and said she is happy to put herself through any form of hell, pain or torture to be able to achieve her goal, and more importantly for this amazing woman, was she wanted to make a difference to other women (and men) around the world. Be seen, heard and help as many as she can. I told her she was crazy, and happily said I will give you my best!

What we’ve achieved so far

Since day one, we have worked together to develop/enhance her muscular strength, movement patterns and neuromuscular connections that will drive Trotty up Everest as quickly as her body can allow. We have jumped the hamstring hurdle, stepped over some minor upper limb problems and postural imbalances, to be faced with a foot issue that would have most people sitting on the couch watching the cricket and tennis all summer. Not Trotty though, twice a week without fail, ready to go for every session, no matter what the challenge, she is up for it and dominating it.

Where are we headed?

With recalculating our goals, Trotty’s Everest journey is now set for 2018, so we have about 12 months to get the power packed champion ready to tackle Everest. Even with some unforeseen hiccups, she is still making progress and I have no doubt she will smash this. We will see a shift from strength and stability, over to muscular endurance as we edge closer, but for now, it is just one day, one session at a time. It will all mount up to being the strongest, fittest and healthiest possible to run up that big hill.

As for me,

Strength & Conditioning Coach - Alex Brackstone

Alex - Planning our Way to Everest

I am Alex, a 26 year old personal trainer & Remedial Massage therapist. In relative terms, I am a rookie with a lot to learn.

For Trotty, we are and are going to, achieve amazing things.

I have a holistic approach to the way I train and massage clients.

A strong focus on stability, strength and power through hips, with anatomical knowledge and understanding that allows me to personalise individuals training programs to achieve our goals.

Plus a serious passion to educate people. I am a strong believer in the old saying, “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”.

Get on board and follow Trotty’s journey and help out if you can. It is exciting and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Alex Brackstone
Strength and Conditioning Coach and Massage Therapist

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