Silver Linings

Yeah!! I finally found the Silver Lining to The Great Down Dry-cleaning Disaster. Pollyanna would be proud :)

Researching replacement gear was an eye (and wallet!!) opening experience.  I had no idea Technology had changed so much in the last 8 years and I made the “No Brainer” decision to replace all my clothing and equipment except for my 8,000m boots and ice-axe. This was a little “stressful”!! but James at Bogong Equipment brought much needed calm to the process. He spent 3 months working with me on the list and set the timelines.

And it all fell into place.

I hopped a plane to Melbourne and spent 2 full days with James trying on gear. It was an amazing 2 days being surrounded by people with such passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn.

GEAR James Bogong1 300x225 Silver Linings

James at Bogong: Job done! Now to box and ship it to Adelaide

And learn I did.  When I said Technology has changed, I mean to the point where I didn’t even recognise some of the layers. Thank goodness I’ll be spending time in NZ to see how the layers and I perform together.

Being of a NON Traditional Athletic build, purchasing gear has always been daunting if not a down right miserable experience. Not so this time. James made the whole process easy and comfortable. Using the storeroom as a change-room was a stroke of genius. No Mirrors!! so I had to assess all items on feel not looks.  Though I can assure you they all had one feel in common HOT! I chose a 40 degree day to try on Down!  Onya!!

I enjoyed the discussions, James’ knowledge vs My experience vs Adventure Consultants recommendations. I trusted James’ opinion, he stood his ground when I was trying to spend money on unnecessary items but more importantly identified issues I hadn’t even thought of. I didn’t realise the glue in my 8,000m boots has a lifespan. Could you imagine if the crampons and soles separated from the boot on the Hill?   …….. and that’s why I don’t buy on line!!  The tips and tricks I learned were in themselves worth the plane ticket.

Now it’s time to sort, check to gear list, pack and triple check to list.

Best Christmas presents ever!

Best Christmas / Birthday ever!

Gear 3 225x300 Silver Linings

This is just my clothing

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to all of us achieving new heights in 2018



PS I’ll be spending the next 12 weeks walking around the house breaking in my brand new boots

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