The definition of insanity?

My family and friends would probably say climbing mountains!

The other definition is of course doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

So this time around it’s a completely different approach.

The main change as you know is that I’m not doing it on my own. You’ve met my coaches through their blogs. They have me working smarter and the rest of my team keep my body going

But there have been 3 other big changes recently. 2 are connected.

AC course1 150x150 The definition of insanity?

JC from AC1 150x150 The definition of insanity?

JC setting up a circuit. Jumar up, Traverse across, Rappel down, over anchor points

This time I’m climbing with the company I’ve always wanted to climb with, Adventure Consultants.
But as you know it’s been a while since I’ve been on a mountain. Talking with Guy Cotter we both agreed that I needed to get my crampons on ice and rock prior to Everest. So in mid January I headed back to NZ, spending 8 days with Adventure Consultants guide Jyamchang (8 times Everest summiter) to work on skills and id weaknesses.

It’s the best thing I could have done to prepare for Everest 2018.

And the 3rd big change?

I’ve always said:
“My sport is 95% mental” and
Everything happens for a reason ….its just that sometimes the Fates are a little slow to let us in on the secret
Well looking at my preparation 99% of it was about the physical. It didn’t take a genius to perform the GAP Analysis did it?
I needed help with the “muscle between the ears”! But for months I had no luck finding the right person.
This is where the Fates were working their tricky, very obscure magic. The Chiro I’d been seeing for years ended up in gaol!! You can imagine the hole this put in my team, I was rocked by it. But don’t forget those Fates. This led me to my new Chiro Sam who is a much better fit with Team Trotty and he ……drumroll please……..led me to Adam. I call him my Psycho Dude!!! but I think he’d prefer Sports Psychologist! He is providing the much needed solution to that Crevasse Sized Gap in my preparation.
And what a difference he has made.

39 sleeps out from Everest 2018 I’m feeling better prepared than I’ve ever been



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