Ember's Everest Escapade

Ember Dreaming11 300x225 Embers Everest Escapade

Ember's Dream is to Climb Everest with Trotty

Team Trotty has grown by one and for the first time ever, I won’t be travelling alone. My climbing companion is Ember ……..but wait….I’m skipping ahead.

Let me go back a few weeks. I was visiting Brett at CFS Region 1 HQ to discuss my visit to Plan Nepal’s school construction site and the CFS R1 offer to support the school by raising funds this year to fit out the classrooms with equipment, when we interrupted by an excited squeal.

There was one very determined young koala who had decided, then and there, that she was coming with me. Brett introduced me to Smokey the Koala’s Twin Sister and that was it, she jumped in my car and has been training with me ever since.

But I couldn’t keep calling her “Smokey’s Sister”, she needed a name of her own. The R1 volunteers helped with suggestions but it was when I was practising my speech for an upcoming event that I heard a second squeal. I was talking about Dreams and “finding that “ember” inside you, that you need to fan into a raging fire.” Ember had heard her name. And more than that:

Ember Training 300x225 Embers Everest Escapade
Ember helping pack 300x225 Embers Everest Escapade

She knew that, that’s what she wanted to do in Nepal and here in South Australia. She wants to help young girls to identify that Ember inside and help them to fan it into a raging fire that will allow them to achieve their dreams whatever their “Everest” may be.

21 sleeps to go


Trotty and Ember

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