The Dream is Over but it's a World 1st

Trotty in the cellar with the potato 150x150 The Dream is Over but its a World 1st

Trotty in the cellar with the potato

Cant fault the care1 150x150 The Dream is Over but its a World 1st

In hospital. Can't fault the care.

I’m in hospital in Kathmandu, eating as many potatoes as I can as revenge.

Friday afternoon, after a beautiful morning walk from Namche to Khumjung, chatting with Namgel (Dawa’s brother) much of the way, we settled into the tea-house. I was in and out many times, back and forth to my room, checking if my duffle had arrived, to the toilet. But my last trip to the loo brought disaster. I returned through the door, turned to close it but it was latched open, turned back to continue into the room and my next conscious thought was laying on my back in a black cave…. and Pain….excruciating pain.

I had fallen into the potato cellar in the floor, just inside the door, that had been opened to collect dinner. The menu is now Mashed Potato ONLY!

Bruises are still appearing all over, the hands while the most painful and not usable for 24 hours are superficial, there is a chip (pun intended) off my right hip but the Knee is the Dream Killer. I am just grateful it wasn’t my head, face or spine.

The professionalism of Adventure Consultants came to the fore.

Dr Sophie was fetched and jumped into action. Dawa and Namgel appeared from nowhere and never left my side.

Rob got the Logistic Ducks all in a row,  Insurance, helicopter evacuation etc

Lydia had me packed and I don’t mean everything stuffed in my duffle. No she had it separated as I would need it: Travel clothes for cold 6am mountain start and 8am hot Kathmandu landing; Hospital bag; valuables. Then made me repeat back what was where (remember I’m, if not still in shock, not fully with it). This proved to be invaluable particularly given how immobile I was.

Then they dealt with a very emotional, gutted me.

Good Samaritans Sharon John Dawa1 150x150 The Dream is Over but its a World 1st

Good Samaritans Sharon, John, Dawa

Reality hits as team leaves without me 150x150 The Dream is Over but its a World 1st

Reality hits as team leaves without me

My team members and the Trekking team went above and beyond the call. Getting me to bed, even taking me to the toilet in the middle of the night.

All the while Caroline was working the Kathmandu end and was with me every step of the way only leaving to get us food.

Since I started this I’ve been released and back at the Hotel, with a flight home booked for Tuesday.

All over as bundled in for Heli Evac 150x150 The Dream is Over but its a World 1st

All over as bundled in for Heli Evac

I always said I’d be the first person form my house, in my street, in my suburb to summit Everest, well that’s gone but now I have a legitimate World First!! I’ve confirmed no-one else has missed a summit by falling in a potato cellar :)


From a rather bruised and battered


9 comments to The Dream is Over but it’s a World 1st

  • Chris

    Oh, Lynette. I am so, so sorry to hear of your misadventure. You trained so hard, you were so determined. Let me know if you need me to pick you up at the airport. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Sharyn Doolan

    Oh Lynette. I’m so sorry to read this. Your team is awesome though arranging everything. Hope you’re not too uncomfortable and have a safe trip home. You’ve still done so much even though you didn’t get to summit. Still one of my heroes!

  • Jan Maguire

    So sorry to hear your news but glad you are ok ! even though disappointed

  • You are a dedicated woman a true warrior Trotty, proud of you. I have followed your adventures and your passion with Everest and the Himalaya. I attempted Baruntse last year only to succumb to illness at base camp. I can totally feel your disappointment Trotty, your a winner girl. “No chip on your shoulder”. Sorry.


  • Kate Needs

    Was shocked & saddened to hear your news Lynette. As they say, things happen for a reason! Whilst you must currently feel like your world has been shattered, may I say that you are an absolute trooper. For what you have been burdened with & your determination to get through this, just goes to show how strong you really are! Often our journey’s take different twists & turns. Maybe you could write a book & sell your story in the future. Keep your chin up & stay positive. You have plenty of supporters out there & we all think you are legendary. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kind regards, Kate x

  • Thanks Lordy,
    Trying to stay healthy is one of the hardest parts of climbing. I hope you’ll be heading back to the mountains sometime soon
    Oh and by the way you’re winning the Spud Puns competition :)

  • Thanks Kate, but I think Ember might beat me to the punch! She’s proving to be quite popular!!

  • nigel

    even after all these years, i’m still following your progress :) – a REAL shame – i thought you would have been third time lucky !! – always knew potatoes were bad for your health – take care, and say hi to your mum & dad for me.

  • Kathy

    So sorry about your injury. I was in Nepal in February to work with Habitat for Humanity. Was descending a small mountain. Slipped and fell and ended up with a compound fracture of lower leg. I hope they took you to CIWEC International Hospital in Kathmandu. Excellent surgeon and care. Probably better than back home. Heal well and quickly.

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