Ember Goes Solo

EEE 1. the hand over 150x150 Ember Goes Solo

The hand over

EEE 2. Robins bkpk 150x150 Ember Goes Solo

Her new pouch

My journey has ended but Ember’s hasn’t.

As soon as I introduced her to the team they made her the 8th member of our Expedition Team. So when I tumbled into the potato cellar…..can anyone actually read that with a straight face? :) …. there was no question of Ember ending her journey. The team rallied round and vowed to carry her to the summit.

She snuggled into Robin’s backpack pouch and set off on her own to show girls, young and old, that they can chase their dreams even when faced with the obstacles life throws at us.

EEE 2. the team at KJ 150x150 Ember Goes Solo

The Team rally to support Team Member #8 and Farewell #7

EEE 3. setting of on her own adventure 150x150 Ember Goes Solo

Farewell Ember, Climb safe.

My last view of Ember before I was bundled into the Helicopter



3 comments to Ember Goes Solo

  • Robyn Kunko

    Gill Plastow, Julie Muirson and myself are shattered for you Trotty.
    Bloody luck of the Irish is what you’ve got for sure. (Joke)

  • Gloria

    We your parents have just read this blog and are now crying our eyes out. Why? because we so proud of you and how in the most adverse circumstances you still find time to write such heart warming messages of hope for others.
    Net we await your safe return. xx

  • Robyn, As long as I haven’t caused a potato famine :)

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