Breaking News

I’m excited

It’s been confirmed

I’ll be visiting the Suryodaya School construction site before I start the trek into Everest.

Earlier this year our #8850for850 community helped raise funds to get 850 children into a brand new Earthquake resistant school.

Construction of the Suryodaya School is well underway and will be nearly a third of the [...]

Plan Turns 80

1937 – 2017

I’ve been a child sponsor with Plan International Australia since my first climbing expedition to Ecuador in 2004 and an advocate of the “Because I am a Girl” campaign since 2009 but I’m a relative newcomer…… 2017 is a HUGE milestone for Plan International.

80 years advancing children’s rights.

That makes Plan [...]

The Inside Story: S&C Coach Alex

So about Trotty

When Super Coach Nick first talked to me about strength training for a new client of his, who he was coaching up a mountain, I was not expecting that client to come in the unique form of Trotty.
Expecting a misguided, un-informed, ‘I can do anything’ 6 foot tall male in his [...]

A word from the coach

The meeting

When I first sat down and met with Lynette (Trotty) the single thing which impressed me most was her passion. The next thing I went searching for was demonstrable evidence that she was genuine about her Everest attempt, I mean really genuine! I didn’t have to search far to find [...]

Another lap around the sun

Another lap around the sun complete.

My Birthday week has been like a bag of mixed lollies or Forrest’s box of Chocolates.

I awoke to a lost toenail but that’s a whole other Blog…watch this space, photos included.

The week started on a high with the best news possible. It was D-day. Decision Day on the hamstring.
I [...]

#8850 for 850

As if climbing a mountain wasn’t a big enough challenge. I may have bitten off far more than I can chew this time but I am sure with all of you out there to take a bite with me I know we can do this.

Do what?
8850 for 850 is what!!

Let me explain:

Our school [...]

Final Countdown

The Final Countdown has recommenced.

My finger has been hovering over the abort button for the last few months.

Everything was looking great and then, as happens to the best laid plans, they were torn asunder …..Literally…….After a time trial I took my backpack off and Whammo! Well actually it was far less dramatic than that, more of a “Hmm that’s a little [...]

Meet Team Trotty Part I

Part I: Memories of cold fingers TORCHed!

Today I’d like you to meet the newest members of Team Trotty
Drum roll please….
Bringing an International flavour, all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, Torch’s Anthony DeVito, Luke Cesarz and Shane Eberspacher.

OK, I hear you asking “How on earth did Adelaide and Arizona come to be on the same team [...]

Sunshine and Summits

423 sleeps to go!

Hold on…Wait a minute…Is this a serious case of Deja vu….or like a PT counting down reps

For those paying close attention we were at this point last year, oh yes, and the year before!

I was trying to stay positive and focused on the goal while around me, financially and physically, Everest was slipping [...]