“Popping Off” to Everest

I remember once missing out on a 2 month contract because my unsuspecting future employer, while valuing my vast experience and qualities, thought that I might just head off to Everest at a moments notice. He was later educated in the ways of climbing and became one of my favourite bosses, though he continues to introduce himself as ”My Supervisor….as no [...]

Coward punches aren't the only things drunks are throwing

Picture that cartoon character, fists clenched, steam coming out of it’s ears, bright red blotched cheeks? Got the image? Now put my face on it.

That was me when I saw red in the National Park.

I was just completing my standard short 3 hour, serene, spot the koalas, count the wildflowers in bloom, hike, [...]

Bushfires and Broken Ribs

6 months since stripping my training back to basics it’s been a series of challenges, identifying weaknesses that then uncovered other underlying weaknesses, that then led to a broken rib…Ouch! But the mobility is improving, you should see my rib slides now….my old Belly Dancing Instructor wouldn’t recognise me. The broken rib provided [...]

Bare Foundations

When stripping a garden bed back to bare earth, it occurred to me that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I stood there thinking “what have I done?”.  I was faced with 18m x 14m of bare earth and fences. 3 sets of neighbours can now see straight through, I’d lost my privacy and felt surprisingly vulnerable. [...]

Fire and Ice

Torvill and Dean featured on a Winter Olympics ad and it got me thinking about their “Fire and Ice” routine and how it summed my current situation up pretty well.

If I’m not working (to earn money to climb) or sleeping (to recover)  I’m at training either for “Fire” or “Ice”.

The “Ice” training goes without saying. It’s the first [...]

Everest 2011

Welcome back everyone.

It’s been a whirlwind 9 months, punctuated with some highs and lows.

I’ve had the most wonderful time being asked to share my story, my time on Everest and the amazing women, girls and work by Plan that I witnessed firsthand in Nepal.
Who would have thought it; I love this public speaking caper!

I saw my Surgeon a few weeks [...]

Unfinished Business & a Nose Job

Namaste or should that be a big G’day now that I’m home?

It’s been a whirlwind week.
I received a wonderful welcome home at Adelaide Airport.
I actually didn’t expect anybody because the lovely gentleman at Qantas got me on an early flight and an even lovelier pilot got us in 15 minutes early.

Arrived to the [...]

6 sleeps to go: Visits, cards & emails

The last couple of weeks have been filled with well wishes and well wishers.

I have had some lovely visits from old friends who have come from interstate to give me a hug. Pete takes the cake flying in from Perth for a 24 hour stay!

I had a wonderful visit with even more hugs [...]

Qantas Donates Excess Baggage Fee

As you all know I’ll be carrying more than just my usual 30-40kg’s of equipment. I’ll have the very precious Milo in2 Cricket gear with me.
That’s serious excess luggage!
But wait…. the wonderful staff at QANTAS have come to the party and have waived the excess luggage fee!!

How awesome is that?

So I’d like to [...]

Channel 10 News Tues 16th 5:00pm

News Flash!
Channel 10 news is running the story of my Westminster visit tomorrow night.
Tuesday 16th 5:00pm