15 sleeps to go: 10 News & Westminster

It’s been a week of ”To Do” list tasks.

Final visit to the Travel Doctor – Tick
Pick-up Passport and Visa – Tick
Have pillow case made – Tick
Find lost car key (not mine) on Mt Lofty – Tick (not actually on the list)
Make calls re Laptop and Sat phone – Tick
Television interview – Tick
Stock medical kit – Tick

Whoa, [...]

22 sleeps to go: Training

My 2nd most asked question over the years (#1 being: “How do you pee on the mountain?”) would have to be “What training do you do?”.

Now that I’m only 3 weeks out and finished up at work my training is quite specific. Hiking each day with a couple of agility sessions a week [...]

Plan Visit with a Milo in2cricket Bag!!

Ok, now is the time to announce the TBA on the itinerary (on the map page).

Drum roll please…….

If you hadn’t already guessed!…. Plan Internationl Australia has asked me to visit one of their projects in the Makwanpur region of Nepal.

Makwanpur is in the hills south of Kathmandu. Population 447,000. It is famous [...]

What a day!

Yesterday was huge!

I’ve always kept my climbing private. If anyone asks I talk to them about the climb and lets face it you can’t carry a 30kg backpack and drag a tyre around without attracting the odd question or two! But I’ve never sort publicity for my climbing. That all changed on that [...]

Radio 891 Interview


Spoke with Radio Station 891 today.
The Bald Brothers will be interviewing me at 6.20am tomorrow morning! Wednesday March 3rd

And then they’ll be following me on my Way to Everest.

29 sleeps to go!

What an amazing week! A week of more firsts.

My first interview!

My first photo shoot!! Who would have thought I would ever utter those words!

Tuesday night I had the honour of being the guest speaker at a Women of Plan Adelaide fundraiser “A Taste of Nepal”. Mia, Filomena and Judith worked so hard to [...]

36 sleeps to go

After 7 years it’s hard to believe that it’s now only a matter of weeks before I head off. For so long Everest has been this “thing” in the future, somehow not quite real and now it’s here. The gear laid out on my loungeroom floor and the ever increasing “To do List” [...]

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