More than half our body heat is lost through our head!! So my hats are extremely important

ugly hat Headwear

my very old (and ugly) Akubra

1. My favourite hat is my beloved Akubra. It always does the approach walk in with me. It protects me from the sun but just as importantly it keeps the rain and wind off my face. Oh and it has been know to water the odd dog or 2!

My old faithful Akubra…yes, yes, I know it’s in the running for worlds ugliest hat… but it was with me for 18 years. We were together for my very first trip into the High Country in Victoria out the back of Mansfield and Merrijig.
7 days on horseback, taking the cattle up to the Bluff for the summer.
If you watch the Man from Snowy River Movies you’ll see the country I was in and Stoney’s whom I went with are in the movie!! How cool is that?

alpaca hat Headwear

My Alpaca Hat - nice and warm

2. Hat #2 keeps me warm at night. I purchased it from a lovely lady on the streets of Huaraz in the Peruvian Andes. It’s made from Alpaca wool. Its really soft and light. That lightness is actually the secret to it’s warmth. The woollen fibres have airpockets in them, hollow bits and that insulates my head!

3. Once we’ve had the pujar blessing it’s time to head onto the “hill’ and on the lower parts of the mountain it’s often really hot. I mean really hot, low 30’s or as they tell me on Everest on the Lhotse face it will be so hot you can get heat stress. So this funny looking hat is really important to protect me from the Sun.

sun hat Headwear

My sun hat

4. If things get really cold then it’s time to break out the Balaclava. No it’s not for robbing banks! You’ve been watching too many movies!! I can’t say it’s my favourite to wear. I find it very uncomfortable, very claustrophobic and it gets wet from condensation from my breath. But in an emergency it will be invaluable…but I still don’t like it!!

5. Then I have a series of different bits depending on the weather.
Like one to just cover my ears if there’s a bit of a cool breeze but I’m too warm to cover my whole head.
You know how I said that we lose most of our heat through our head. Well that’s just as important for staying cool on the mountain as it is for staying warm. You don’t want to get too warm either…..you want to be like Goldilocks said…Just right!…..So removing your hat is the quickest way to start cooling yourself down.

OTHER STUFF that goes on my head:
Headlamp x 2
Glacier Glasses x 2
Helmet (optional)