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After coming so close in 2011 I had 6 months off and then re-focused on the goal.

Little did I know that goal would be 7 long years away. I was accepted to climb with Adventure Consultants’ 2017 team but a hamstring tendon injury  meant it was always going to be a close call to get, not just fit but, “Everest fit” in time. Disappointingly I didn’t make it. So 2018 it is.

In coming to terms with missing this climbing season and another long 12 months of training ahead of me, I’m focusing on the positives. Over the coming weeks you’ll hear from members of “Team Trotty”, the group of dedicated professionals I’ve  surrounded myself with. Under their guidance I know that this extra 12 months will allow me to be a much stronger, faster version of myself. With that in mind I’m excited about what they have in store for me.

I still have CFS giving me the balance I was lacking over the previous 10 years. Of course with the injury I haven’t been able to be on the end of a hose but found other ways to contribute through my position as Admin Officer.

Since my return from Everest, Plan International has had additional responsibilities thrust upon it, with mother nature inflicting her fury and escalating man made humanitarian crises. I cannot commend to you enough, the work they do.

The rebuild after the Nepal 2014 Earthquake continues. The Makwanpur region that I visited prior to Everest 2010 was hit hard. I’ve been supporting Plan in their efforts to rebuild one of the schools in that region and get 850 children back into a safe school.

I will update you on my progress on my “Way Back to Everest” through entries in my blog.  Just click on the link below to view my recent posts.

Everest 2018:  307 sleeps to go and counting



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