Snowmen and Weather Reports

Mountaineering is a lesson in patience. There’s only one person in control here, Mother Nature and of course the Great Mother Goddess herself – Sargamatha.

We eagerly await the weather report each day. The head guides attend a daily meeting to discuss, they cross reference weather reports from Seattle USA, Bracknell UK and Geneva Switzerland. They often return deep in thought looking quite concerned.

Tough thinking about it. Weather forecasting is not an exact science and they have people’s lives at stake. I think it would be a fair amount of pressure. Our job is to be patient and understand “this is mountains”.

tent 300x225 Snowmen and Weather Reports

We had to dig ourselves out of this!

What we’re actually waiting for, is for the winds to drop. Our first best guess was the 8th of May. Now the 13th is looking auspicious! So potentially leaving BC on the 9th. This is no way set in stone.

Mind you at the moment it’s difficult to find the stones. We’ve had snow and quite a bit of it, though I’ve been informed that’s a relative term used by a girl from Adelaide. But in my defence we did have to dig our tents out!!

But who cares I’ve had my first ever snowball fight and made a snowman. Well a lady actually. I called her Adelaide (imaginative) and she had a carrot for her nose courtesy of Bhim (our head cook).

snowgirl 300x225 Snowmen and Weather Reports

Meet my friend Adelaide

She had my Akubra for a hat. Dorje came up looking very sheepish with his hands behind his back. He had pappadams for her ears. Well that was it. All Sherpa hands on deck. Ally had raided the supply tent for lollies (ie colouful round things) Dorje and co sacrificed themselves to eat some mint patties so they could roll the wrappers into hoop earrings to match her mint green eyes. A roll of lollies were bent into a red smiling mouth. Ally’s precious purple scarf was donated for a belt. My old gloves elegantly sat across her tummy.

And a few stones for buttons and larger ones for delicate feet and she was complete!! Beautiful!

fight 300x225 Snowmen and Weather Reports

We had a ball!

The snow fight started amongst ourselves with the neighbouring Sherpa hooting and hollering from the helipad just above our tents. The next camp attracted by the noise lobbed in a few accurate missiles and it was on for young and old. Us against them with help form our loyal Sherpa team. But somehow someone who shall remain nameless threw one at the water carrier from yet another team and it became Sherpa against westerner!! Bedlam ensued because we were all surrounded and there were some seriously clever stealth tactics!!

Western Shoulders gave out first and surrender equated to heading for the security of the mess tent. Dorje and Co scored some excellent direct hits!! And Rob Casserly could field at third man on any national team.

A bit of moaning and groaning over the next couple of days re: shoulders!

Our team is split at present Tom and Bonnie have elected to go down. Rick and I are staying at BC.

The aim now is to avoid Camp Fever. I’ve already finished the 6 books I brought with me and they’re now in the library or been borrowed out. But the library is a little thin on the ground from the other borrowers!

Oh no! STOP PRESS…. serious shortage of FRUCHOCS!! I’m nearly out!! Misjudged that badly!! What’s a girl to do? Save a few for summit day and just sit and stare at the empty packet(s).

yaks 300x225 Snowmen and Weather Reports

Good morning.

I have my pack of cards so some patience (solitaire) in the tent will while away some time along with my trusty ipod and of course trips to the comms tent which is now up and running again. My diary needs updating and I’m sure I can sort my kit one more time. And there’s always afternoon tea (cheese and bikkies) with a game of Hearts or Spoons. Oh! JSG’s I’m holding you to the Branston Pickle offer, counting down the days!!!Mmmm!

We do get the odd visitor. These fellas pass regularly in front of my tent. They’re on the way back down empty but still gotta be tough in the snow!

Our other early morning visitor is much noisier. He passes right over the top of my tent (as in metres) and lands just across from Ally and Rick’s tent on the Helipad.

chopper 300x225 Snowmen and Weather Reports

This won't happen to me!

That’s their tent and I’m taking the photo from mine. Yes that’s fog out there. He’s picking up a climber that decided to call it a day.

I’m not the only one fascinated by the choppers. The Sherpa crew appear from nowhere with their phone cameras, to get photos and to watch in awe at this amazing machinery and flying skill at this altitude.

When he’s not busy being a hero, he’s flying tourists out of Kathmandu on scenic flights over BC, the ice-fall and up the Lhotse face to view the summit. One day he stopped off here and this guy jumped out with a really big flag and had his photo taken for 5 minutes got back in and flew off…..Dorje just turned around and muttered “He’s now Summitted BC”.

Now why didn’t I think of doing it that way!!



7 comments to Snowmen and Weather Reports

  • Shreeram

    Hi Lynette, NAMASTE

    We are glad to reading your blog. Yes mountaineerng is lesson in patience, ageed. This not a easy task to clib Sagarmatah, It needs concentration, hard work and dedications as well as the fully supported logitics. We are sure you step is approaching near to the pick and we are assuming the day when you catch the highest pick in the world with Flags.

    With best wishes

    Shreeram, Plan Nepal

  • Thanks Shreeram,
    The Plan flags Nepal and Australia are at Camp 2 awaiting my return to carry them to the summit.



  • Shreeram

    Hello Lynette

    GREAT to hear, and a very good luck for your success. We pry to god for the good weather too. We are going to update and inform about your progress to our colleagues.

    with best

  • Mingming Evora

    Hi, Lynette! This is Mingming, Regional Director of Plan in Asia. I have been to Nepal and took a plane around Everest. The nearest I could get! I am very proud of you! And thankful too that you are doing it for all the girls in the world.

  • neil

    I check your blog almost every night to see how you are progessing and I’m trying to imagine what you are going thru,waiting in anticipation for your turn to CONQUER this magical mountain and realise your dream.And to know all that training you have done has not been wasted up&down Mt.Lofty ,dragging SIMO around the snake pit wearing that backpack.
    If only in spirit I look forward to being with you when you SUMMIT the mountain.

    Regards Neil of North Haven S.A

  • Mingming,
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    The work that you do is amazing and if my little effort can help the world hear the voice of the girls so that maybe one day we don’t have a need for a “Because I am a girl campaign….How wonderful would that be?

    Later today I will find out if I have one more chance to stand on top of the world Because I am a Girl!


  • Neil,
    You and all my other wonderful supporters have definitely been with me on the mountain. Sometimes it’s been the only thing keeping me going. In my head rereading emails or replaying moments at the snake pit or on Mt lofty. All those friends and words of encouragement.
    They make little movies in my head.

    Keep them coming they’re much appreciated


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