Stretching our legs!

No weather window in the foreseeable future, sooooo……. we’re going to stretch our legs.
Go for a bit of a walk.
Where shall we go?
Maybe tag C3 for the fun of it!
4am breakfast tomorrow, Wed 12th.
I’ll be asking Bhim for Muesli and a hard boiled egg. I’ve found that’s my best pre climb combination (not what I’d have if I was home but here you take what you can get).

We’ll be carrying full summit kit with us just incase we get a weather window while we’re up there. If not we’ll just leave it at C2 along with the gear we’ve already taken up.

So my extras are mainly headwear (goggles, balaclava, facemask). But in the backpack will be things like my nasal canular for sleeping at C4, extra pair of fleece pants, thermal top and socks. Lots of socks. One pair for each day and a couple of extra just in case.

My Plan flags and my Westminster School flags are already at C2 but on this journey a little something of my Mum’s will be coming with me.

This trip the Sat phone will also tag along just in case I have to make a call!! Listen out to the Bald Brothers (891)!! You never know I may just have to phone in and catch up on the weather and the footy scores!

On an entirely different note I was asked a question this week “If I like all my team mates” and I had to answer honestly that there will be some that I hope to keep as friend and others I won’t.

But it got me thinking about teams and the waiting game that we’re playing.
It’s tough. There is some “Cabin Fever” going on and tempers flaring. A lot of tongue biting going on. I know mine needs a band-aid. I’m wondering if those year 8’s on camp at the moment are going through similar?

I’ve found I’ve had a few different coping mechanisms:
I’ve spent more time in my tent listening to music or playing cards just to get some space.
I’ve vented in my diary.
I’ve rung home a few times (everyone needs their Mum and yes, Dad’s too, even when you’re 40)
I’ve been walking the length of base-camp catching up with friends from previous climbs.
I’ve definitely been spending more time on the internet savouring all your beautiful emails:
Svetlana in Canada, I’d love a photo when I get home of the pick-up. She’s painted on the side that I’m climbing to promote Plan’s BIAAG campaign.
I’m looking forward to the pickles and hearing more about how all you PT groups are going.
And as for the person, who shall remain nameless, who had great delight in informing me she was eating Fruchocs while reading my Blog!! Hmmm!
Oh and then there’s a certain trainer.
I also get day to day newsy letters from home.

Looking over that list I see how important people and communication are to me.
Imagine climbing Everest pre internet and phones. I think they would have had to eat dinner at different ends of the BC at times.
That said in those days they often weren’t strangers coming together for a few months, they were friends or at least acquaintances.

The other thing is to just sit here in my tent and focus on my goal and the 7 years of hard work to get here.
Yes it’s been 7 years in the making and now with the ankle and sinuses under control the only thing that can stop me (apart from Mother Nature herself) is me.
My head.
So I accept that I get a little (a lot) irritated sometimes and then let it go (and failing that read and re-read the letter my trainer, Dom, wrote for me before I left!)

I’m focused on getting to that summit “Because I am a girl” who decided she wanted to do it.


5 comments to Stretching our legs

  • Shreeram

    Hi Lynette

    Hope you achieved your dream !!!

    Looking forward to listen your confirmation.

    With best

  • Chris Heath

    Hi there Lynette,

    Have been following your progress and happy to see you doing well, keeping healthy and warm!!!!! I just can’t imagine it with the low 20’s temps here in Brisbane – sorry about that. Think of you often and admire your strength (inner and outer) – especially the inner – oh how important are they both for a journey such as this. Not many would be able to spend that time with themselves – what a wonderful thing that you do – that is such an achievement to be in such a great place with yourself. For what you have done so far, congratulations Nettie. Wishing you well and success with what you want to achieve. Lots of Love and Many Friendly Hugs. Chris Heath xxxx and love from all the Heaths.

  • Hi Shreeram

    Got a lovely photo of the flag at C3 but still hoping for a summit photo.
    Will know tomorrow


  • Thanks Chris
    Love to all
    Will collect on those hugs!

  • I can’t believe it Jen,
    The Lhotse Face!! I’ve climbed it, slept on it and climbed down it!
    Just hoping I can have one more go at it and complete the final section.
    Oh you know how everyone always asks if I’m sunburnt?
    No mistaking it now! Rudolph move over!
    The lips! I feel like Dr Smith “The pain the pain” Better than frost bitten toes though.
    Here’s hoping tomorrow has a positive forecast for me.


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