Everest 2011

Welcome back everyone.

It’s been a whirlwind 9 months, punctuated with some highs and lows.

I’ve had the most wonderful time being asked to share my story, my time on Everest and the amazing women, girls and work by Plan that I witnessed firsthand in Nepal.
Who would have thought it; I love this public speaking caper!

I saw my Surgeon a few weeks ago, he’s extremely happy with his handy work and it’s all go for the summit this time. It took longer to recover from the surgery than I anticipated but anyone who knows me will tell you, I want it all and I want it yesterday! Fitness doesn’t work to my time table. I know, I know…. ”Patience is a virtue” but I’m a redhead, what more can I say?

When I made the decision to return to Base Camp from Camp 3, I believed I would have another opportunity to summit and thus I didn’t clear my gear from C2. Once the weather forecast made the decision for me, we left Base Camp, leaving our Sherpa crew to clear C2. Well, in all the confusion my gear was, shall we say “geographically embarrassed” for some months? 
Long story short, twice it was believed to be in transit only to be discovered sitting in Kathmandu. Eventually most of it arrived a little worse for wear. My beloved ice axe was never repatriated.
So sadly I was forced to make a shopping trip to Melbourne. Well…Ok…not your usual shopping trip to Melbourne for handbags, shoes, chocolates and the like.
But I do have an awesome new ice-axe, helmet and gloves. I did get underwear!….thermal…underwear….and a new balaclava.
I’m rapt with the gloves. I’ve always had trouble fitting my short fingers leaving me with little dexterity but with these gloves I can undo and redo my watch band! I know that doesn’t sound too exciting but for me it will mean an improvement in performance and thus time on the Hill.

I had a small scare in December, on my birthday of all days! A lump popped up in my neck. I’m thinking ”worst case scenario 2 weeks off for surgery to remove the lump form my thyroid.” But then came the test for cancer. That was 24 hours no one wants to go through.
My results were the best case scenario, most probably not the big C, just the little c, cyst.
So, I have a little “friend” in my neck that will be coming to Everest with me and we’ll be getting him sorted out in June when I get back. If he does turn out to be the Big C it’s a non-aggressive, low grade one and we can live together and go climb a mountain together quite happily.

The experience did allow me to meet a lovely couple, Sue and Glen. I’m thinking of you.

At this point I was having no luck securing a sponsor, even with the help of the wonderful Liz who volunteered to act as my manager. I was training as if I was heading to Everest 2011 but had no idea if in reality it would be 2011, 2012 or even 2013. It was a lot harder than I anticipated. I think a few people at work (they bore witness to each instalment in the Gear Saga and the Lump etc) and within my family may have noticed some days were a little tougher than others.
And then it happened, I secured the loan for Everest 2011. It was real, I was going back, I could confirm my spot on a new team, book my flight and begin counting down the sleeps.
To the two wonderful people who have taken the risk of lending me this not insubstantial amount of money and thus allowed me the opportunity to discover what I am truly capable of with a healthy body this time, I thank you. Which seems a rather inadequate way of expressing my gratitude.

So here I am.
14 sleeps to go.
The pool room floor covered with gear, again.
New clear goggles for summit day arrived in today’s post, just anxiously awaiting the arrival of prescription glacier glasses from France. 

I’m glad you’re all coming on the journey with me on my Way Back to Everest



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  • Stephen Kennedy

    Hi Lynette

    been a while since we last talked…almost forgot about your plans. So, good luck.


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