Day 2: Greetings from Singapore

Good Morning Everyone,

After a whirlwind last week, here I am in Changi Airport awaiting my flight to Kathmandu.

It’s been a blur of charging up electronics, last minute repairs, purchases and training. All accomplished with ankle and all other body parts intact.

Symo has now officially hung up his tread. No more Snake Pit!!
The last session was Monday morning when Adelaide finally turned on it’s glorious Autumn weather for me.
(Unofficially, Symo may come for the odd spin with me just for old time’s sake but thanks to Dom and Kathryn I’m slowly discovering the …joy’s not the right word…hmm….the challenge??.. of running in sand.)

For those in the know I did get the refund on the Chris Isaak ticket. For the rest of you when I get to K. I’ll spill the beans. I had a classic “Trotty” moment!

My biggest surprise this week came courtesy of my Mum and my nephew Lachlan.
Mum did a last minute dash to Brissy for Grandparent’s Day at my niece’s school on Friday.
Dad and I had a lovely lunch at Mt Barker.
In the evening Mum rang on her way home from the airport “Can we pop in for a quick hello?”. A big hug for Mum and a “Haven’t I seen you somewhere today?” to Dad and this little voice pipes up “But you haven’t seen me today”.

It has been observed (I think rather unkindly, wouldn’t you say?) that for the first time in my life I was left speechless!!

So here I am in Singapore on my Way Back to Everest.

Thanks for the lovely phone calls, encouraging emails and good luck cards. You know who you are and it’s appreciated.

Lining up at border security yesterday the nerves nearly got the better of me but everyone’s support and encouragement made me “suck it up”. Not to mention the fact that there were 3 people round the corner that would have rugby tackled me back through the door and onto the plane!

It’s nearly time to board so next time we “speak” I’ll be in Kathmandu and I’ll introduce you to the Everest 2011 Team.

Have a great day everyone


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