Day 3:

Wheh! I can now relax and say a big Namaste from Kathmandu.

I’ve been asked what does the pre hike time in Kathmandu involve?

So here’s my last 30 hours:

12:05 Plane landed

12:20 Dorje “Imax” Sherpa (our Sirdar) met me at the airport for the short ride to the Courtyard Hotel in Thamel (the tourist district of K.)

12:50 Phil (our head guide) greeted me upon arrival and introduced me to his lovely wife Trish and of course I got a hug from Margaret my climbing buddy from 2008. Quick tour of the hotel facilities.
Then up to my room to empty out my 2 large rather overstuffed gear bags.
The idea being to re-sort them into:
1. Base Camp gear
2. Trekking gear
Easier said than done.

2:15 Walk to the office for team meeting
2:30 Team Meeting: Discuss oxygen, proposed schedule for acclimatisation on the mountain, any gear requirements, general questions

5:3o Back to hotel to continue sorting. As this point acknowledged the laws of physics can’t be broken and suggested to Margaret that we share 1 bag to hike in with and use our other 3 bags for Base Camp.
That satisfied Margaret and Newton!

Quick shower and change

7:00 Team Dinner: Phil, Trish, Margaret and I

10:00 Couple of emails propping my eyelids open, then sound asleep within seconds of head making contact with pillow.

4:00 am Rudely awoken by unidentified noise, no lights (power failure, welcome to Kathmandu)
Body Knows that it’s really 7am and acts accordingly. So I flick on computer for some quick emails.
Power back on so set ipod and speaker to charging. Hmm what can I do now? Hmmm…Ahh..sort med kit.

6:00 am Shower

6:30 Breakfast and an interesting email. Margaret eventually joins me. I write ToDo list (our action plan for the day)

8:15 Taxi to Supermarket (where the expats / NGO staff shop). Snacks

10:00 Back in Thamel to chase down more bits & pieces

12:00 Quick lunch. I purchased books on the way back to Hotel

2:00 Packing. All bags in my room and we start the joyful job

4:30 All over. Time to pick up the laundry and grab a coffee (well in my case a strawberry smoothie) and a long relaxing chat.

6:15 Back in room, jobs complete.

6:45 Margaret and I are about to go grab quick bite and be back by 8pm.

Alarm set for 4am for 5am pick-up

Next time we speak I’ll be in the Himalayas.



2 comments to Day 3: Kathmandu- Last minute preparation

  • Mostyn Swain

    Do you have a designated photographer documenting this trip and if so how do they manage to take photos in the extreme conditions? Even with digital moisture is the enemy. Will you be posting pics on the web site?

    Good luck


  • No designated photographer unfortunately. Cold is the real enemy but the cameras are designed for the summit. Just have to keeep them warm in the down suit.

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