Sounds of BC

Lying in my sleeping bag on my last day in BC.
In the early hours of the morning the crunch of feet as a Sherpa crew heads to the Ice-fall.

Trying to get back to sleep….Snoring…Coughing.

Dawn breaking is the wake up call for the resident garbologists….the birds. There’s one on the rock beside my tent singing it’s little heart out as it helps itself to the left over protein powder and biscuits I scattered yesterday.

The constant hum of kerosene burners tells me the cooking crew are up.
The clatter of pots and pans will soon follow….Yes, there we go.

Tent Zips…sherpa crew are now up to finish packing.

Drone of the first Helicopter for the day down the valley. Louder as it climbs up the valley and now turns over our camp to head back down to the helipad.

Short bursts of laughter drift over from the next camp.

Another rock slide.
Followed by a even louder avalanche.

Another coughing fit….which like a yawn…sets off another person.

The light patter of snow on the tent. It’s only brief.

Bells signal the arrival of the hard working Yaks, ready to carry another teams barrels down the valley.

The wind has picked up because I can hear the prayer flags flapping.

Through it all there’s the constant low chatter in Nepali, English and a spattering of other languages.

Then the sound that can’t be ignore. My alarm. Time to drag myself out of my warm cocoon and depart what has been my sanctuary for the last 40 days.

It was a damp foggy day that greeted me on exiting my tent which Cheddar was quick to pull down behind me. They’re as excited to be going home to their families as we are.

It’s a long two days hike out to Dorjee’s lodge in Phakding.
I’m not the only one with sore feet.
The Cooking crew haven’t been out of BC for the duration and they’re feeling it too! But not enough to stop us from dancing the night away in celebration of our safe return.

A short walk yesterday uphill in the rain to Lukkla brought us to the end of the expedition.
An even shorter wait at the airport this morning saw us on the first flight out. By 8:30am I am sitting here in the Courtyard Hotel reception awaiting a room and a SHOWER!!

Our barrels of gear will follow us over the next couple of days and then we can reschedule flights to home sweet home.

In the meantime I’ll boost the Nepali Economy.



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  • mostyn swain

    Hi. Ever thought of writing a book? Can almost picture the camp and birds etc. I know I would book that shower for a week and not leave. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Mostyn

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