Barrels, bookings and bandahs.

Namaste for the last time this year from Kathmandu

After 3 days of stimulating the Nepali economy, the barrels have arrived, along with Dorjee and most of the Sherpa crew. With my gear back in my possession I was able to reschedule my June flight to this Wednesday. I’ll be home in my own bed Thursday 26th May.

So now to cram in some last minute gift shopping, ahh….economy stimulation. Which I might say has been seriously impeded by these ridiculous Bandahs. They’re strikes enforced by one political party or another and the traders are furious as they were promised no strikes in 2011 the Year of Tourism. We’re having one enforced again tomorrow. No shops, no taxis, no restaurants. I believe the army is used to get tourists to and from the airport. Thank goodness my flight is a Bandah free day. Margaret is leaving on a proposed Bandah day so I look forward to hearing her departure tale.

Tomorrow will be a day of packing and then relaxing with the other guests here at the Courtyard Hotel. Michelle and Pujan have been wonderful hosts and the eclectic bunch of guests have made for wonderful company. Regaling me with their many varied tales. Dating Elvis, working in Dubai, living in Siberia, Diving to 300m. Fascinating.

To everyone who has joined me on my Way Back to Everest, I thank you for your kind, inspiring emails.
And I hope you will all continue on your own journeys towards your personal “Everests”.



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  • SRNH

    What a wonderful journey, what an experience, and us mere mortals
    back home will never even put one foot on that awesome Mountain.
    The Yellow Band is a fabulous achievement indeed.
    Congratulations Net well done.

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