Fire and Ice

Torvill and Dean featured on a Winter Olympics ad and it got me thinking about their “Fire and Ice” routine and how it summed my current situation up pretty well.

If I’m not working (to earn money to climb) or sleeping (to recover)  I’m at training either for “Fire” or “Ice”.

The “Ice” training goes without saying. It’s the first thing in the diary each week but the “Fire” training has added a much needed balance. My local CFS brigade has made me feel extremely welcome. I must admit CFS training night can get interesting. I come straight from “Ice” weight training (usually legs that night of the week) and they throw a double bag of lay flat on your back, hand you a hose and point up the hill!!! They must think I’m the least fit member of the brigade when my legs are screaming at me ”Seriously!! Didn’t we just do this?”.

And I can tell you those bags of hose are not beautifully balanced on your hips like my 30kg backpack! If I was in charge of the Budget I’d buy all brigades ergonomically designed “Hose Backpacks”!

As you may remember lack of speed kept me from my goal in 2011. The 2010 culprit was fixed by surgery but not so this issue. This one requires a whole new approach to my training. The idea, put simply, is to free up the hips, increasing stride length and to increase my functional strength but with reduced muscle mass. Sounds simple when you say it like that! There’s also a stronger focus on what I’m labelling the 1 percenters.

We’ve got a year to get it right.

I do get to be on the other side of the training equation occasionally…… The conversation went something like this:

CFS Cadet Training Officer: “Trotty you’re a girl”

Me (in my head): Last time I checked! Thanks for noticing

CTO cont: “We need a female at cadet training, thanks for volunteering”

Following this inauspicious start, I’ve had a ball teaching the cadet fire-fighters. Now I guess it won’t surprise you that I was designated KNOT trainer! The highlight of 2013 had to be planning the “Cadet Olympics” last year and seeing the kids demonstrate their developing fire-fighting skills to their family and friends. I’m sure the cadets are still talking about the Knot competition NOT! I think putting wet stuff on the hot stuff is far more exciting even if the “hot stuff” is just an orange cone.

So it looks as though 2014 is going to be an exciting year with lots of new challenges in both my worlds of Fire and Ice.



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