Ember's Everest Escapade: Day 1 without Trotty

EEE 4. Penny 150x150 Embers Everest Escapade: Day 1 without Trotty

Penny provided a snug place to watch the mountains go by

EEE 5. Blessed 150x150 Embers Everest Escapade: Day 1 without Trotty

My blessed Shrundi strings

It’s day one without Trotty and the Team have kept me busy. We climbed ever higher, each step taking us closer to our dream, the summit of Everest.

I wanted to show girls in Nepal and Australia that we can chase our dreams. And Robin is doing the same for girl scouts in the USA.  So I’m thinking this whole dream thing is border-less.

Where ever you are in the world let me know what your Everest is and what you’re doing to achieve it. I’m excited we can share our journeys together, all of us.

EEE Robin1 150x150 Embers Everest Escapade: Day 1 without Trotty

Big Aussie Coooeee to the Girl Scouts in the USA

And we can even share how scary it is sometimes.
This is my first day without Trotty and I was a bit scared, but having great team mates to support me got me through. No dreams are achieved entirely on your own. I know, I met Team Trotty and there were a lot of them helping her get here. And I know they’ll be helping her get through this setback.

Time to crawl into my sleeping bag, its been a big exciting day



2 comments to Ember’s Everest Escapade: Day 1 without Trotty

  • Gill

    Hiya Lynette. What a bummer. Oh well these things happen. I should know. Look forward to catching up on return. Take care climbing down steps of plane on exit

  • Julie

    Hi Trotty
    I’m so disappointed for you. What a bizarre thing to happen; the lights in those tea houses are not very bright. Look after yourself and prepare for your next adventure!

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