Out of the Cellar

It’s 4 weeks since I hopped my way out of the Potato Cellar.

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Getting out and about

The knee is slowly improving. I’ve regained all 140 degrees of movement and I’m getting faster, I can now use the pedestrian crossing without being tooted!  It’s still rather chatty while walking and rolling over in bed is guaranteed to disturb my sleep :(

On the practical side the Insurance payout has come through. CGU were very fair and made the process as simple and hassle free as possible. That along with my agency quickly placing me in a 4 month contract have helped enormously to alleviate some pressure.

After I could actually speak without breaking into coughing fits I was able to meet with my sports psychologist. Debriefing with Adam and the validation of my accident from leading Everest commentator Alan Arnette really helped me come to terms with the accident.

Support 225x300 Out of the Cellar

Support of a different kind

Family and friends have been helping with the shopping and dropping in with meals and beautiful flowers to brighten my day but Alan’s article followed by an Interview with Ali Clarke, ABC Adelaide Radio, resulted in messages of support from all around the world. I’m truly left speechless at the kindness out there. I’ve received messages of encouragement and commiserations and shared experiences. Kathy and I have a friendly comp to see who can get back hiking first :)

One email in particular from San Francisco has challenged me to re-envision my plans.

The thing that hurt most, far more than my knee or hands, wasn’t not summitting per se, it was the lost opportunity, losing the platform to promote girls rights, to encourage girls young (and old) to chase their dreams and the opportunity with CFS to raise funds to outfit the Suryodaya classrooms. And in the back of my mind I’d set the challenge to somehow raise the funds to build their next 4 classrooms.

Cheryl has challenged me to “Take your ‘Potato’ game and climb out of the cellar to hope and back into the light”.  Now I just have to work out what my new Potato Game will look like. At the moment I have no idea, but I can assure you I’m going to take the lemons or in my case Potatoes and make the best Potato Pie I can.

I’ve been asked repeatedly the $100,000 question: Will I return for a fourth attempt?

Timing and finances are the limiting factors. It’s still too early to know the consequences of the injury. Can I realistically recover and be Everest fit in 43 weeks?? and of course how will I fund it in that time-frame. If anyone has a crystal ball, give me a call :)

Anyway it won’t be my 4th, as the Ultra Sound Technician said, this was not my 3rd attempt on Everest, this one didn’t count.
This was just a walk in the park with a scenic flight out………..and who am I to argue with her?



PS Narelle and Luke at ABC Radio Adelaide have excelled in the spud puns

“Did you hear the one about the #Adelaide lady who tried to climb Mount Everest but fell down a potato cellar? Lynette Trott has kept her sense of humour, as she told Ali Clarke how it all went ‘down’ (sorry). Catch up here https://ab.co/2J2Lum1

“No chip on this shoulder, Trotty keeps her humour after potato cellar foils her third attempt at Everest.”

3 comments to Out of the Cellar

  • Ian

    Hi Trotty, Your healing is well under way girl, before you know it you’ll be scaling Mt. Lofty again and snacking on potato chips. Keep your chip up I mean chin up and keep your dream alive.

    All the best

  • Lordy is back in the lead with Spud puns :)

  • Nitya

    Hi Trotty,

    We met you at Kelman hut on tasman glacier (the 2 tasmanians going to aconcagua), just wanted to say that we are glad you are getting better, and that you have certainly been an inspiration to us :) all the best with your future goals

    Best wishes,
    Nitya & alex

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