Barrels, bookings and bandahs.

Namaste for the last time this year from Kathmandu

After 3 days of stimulating the Nepali economy, the barrels have arrived, along with Dorjee and most of the Sherpa crew. With my gear back in my possession I was able to reschedule my June flight to this Wednesday. I’ll be home in my [...]

Sounds of BC

Lying in my sleeping bag on my last day in BC.
In the early hours of the morning the crunch of feet as a Sherpa crew heads to the Ice-fall.

Trying to get back to sleep….Snoring…Coughing.

Dawn breaking is the wake up call for the resident garbologists….the birds. There’s one on the rock beside my tent [...]

Yellow Band


I’m back at BC with all my fingers and toes and a sunburnt nose.

No summit, but I did reach the Yellow Band and got my Because I am a Girl Flag out for a photo op!

Details are still a little sketchy but the details as I currently have them for the 12th are:

Margaret [...]



Rotation 2 is complete and we’re now sitting in BC waiting for that all important weather window.

Our Sherpa crew is having a rest day at C2 after carrying to C4 yesterday. Tomorrow they’ll carry the final load and then in the evening head back to BC before the winds pick up [...]

Rotation 2

I’m back on the air! After 3 days of internet silence. Something to do with stolen numbers at Thuraya which wouldn’t allow us to put credit on the sim card?!!!

It’s been snowing constantly until this morning. Snuck in a walk to the end of BC in glorious sunshine before lunch.

Tomorrow (weather [...]

Happy Easter Everyone

No Easter Eggs here.
No foot prints in the snow either. Complete “White Christmas” here. Maybe that’s what confused the bunny?

Well Rotation 1:
After having a Sinus and chest infection for 2 weeks and confined to quarters. Dorjee (Sirdar) and Ang Gelu (personal climbing Sherpa) and I knew this rotation was going to hurt. [...]

Back in BC for Easter

No sign of any eggs yet though!!!

We’re back from C2
It was an amazing trip through the icefall.
I will write more this afternoon and post tomorrow.

For now I just wanted to say we’re back safe Rotation 1 complete.
7 nights in BC to recover and then Back up for Rotation 2.

Oh and as you’ll see [...]

Rotation 1: C2

Namaste from C2
This is a first communicating from C2
The hike through the icefall was awesome
And it was amazing having a mess dome and Dorjee cooking and boiling for us.
C2 is way more comfy than last year.
Enjoying it 2 more nights sleep

Will write more from BC



Namaste from BC

Namaste from Base Camp,

I’m finally up and around and on line.

Picked up a sinus infection on the trek in.  As soon as I arrived in BC I headed to the HRA (Everest ER) and straight on to the antibiotics.

So here I am 8 days and 4 books later, just finished packing for our [...]

Day 6: Namchee Bazaar

Kathmandu is far behind us.

Friday was quintessential Nepal. Hurry up and wait.
We were up at 4am for the 5am pick up. Arrived at the Airport 6:am
7 ½ hours later our flight left. (That’s longer than the flight to Singapore!)

Half way to Lukkla we’re flying in full cloud. It’s not looking good. We’ve had [...]